Recover save webpage in comodo dragon

Hello. Please I need to know if I uninstall comodo dragon and then reinstall but in another carpet. How can I recover the save webpage of comodo dragon??. I had trouble with the browser and unistall but now I can’t recover the save webpage in the browser so please help me. I need to recover one page and I can’t found on inet. Another thing, wehn I install comodo dragon again I can’t install with dns change that offer the browser in the first time so please check this problem. Your browser need to be more strong in security because one person hacked comodo dragon so please be alert about this things. blessed to you…and thanks…

Next time you install a browser, my tip for you is to download this free program:

Install it and make a complete backup of Dragon, and then you will have all your pages, bookmarks, extensions and settings forever.

If you uninstall Dragon and install it later, then make a restore and everything will be back to normal again.

Yeahp but I don’t make a backup so…I need to recover the favorite webpage. Do you have any idea about it?.

I have no idea.

But maybe this will work?