Recover Process Failed with Code 90

I’m trying to restore a backup and I get an error box “An error has occurred while trying to restore”. The status screen displays the message “Recover Process Failed with code 90”.

Does anyone know what code 90 is? I’ve searched and found some error codes, but none referring to code 90.

My Restore Steps
Step 2: Ran the Verify process and it said it was verified successfully.
I attempted both Restore Methods (clean & append files) with the same result.

Step 3: Used the Browse Button to select the Restore Path
Selected several folders to restore first time around
Selected only a single folder structure the next time with same results

Step 4 Status Screen: Restore Process Started
After about an hour it started restoring files and a minute later the error box displayed.

Any help would be great.


Does the problem persist if you try to restore to some other path, like an empty folder?