Recover Process Failed With Code 100050

Version number - 2.2.127000.12, Win XP SP3
Error Message - Recover process failed with code 100050

Attempting to restore a file and get the above error. Trying to restore from local drive to the original folder on a NAS drive.

Any ideas.

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Looks like an uninstall is coming if I can’t do restores.



Try to restore on other location than "S:" and let us know if it works.


I was able to restore a file to a local drive. Trying to restore the same file back to the NAS I received error code 15 - destination in use. The backup is of type Files and Directories as shown in my backup history. Tried again and received the 100050 error. The NAS is a Buffalo Linkstation Pro Duo, 2 500GB drives, RAID1, firmware 3.10.

Also, why did it take 10 minutes to do a restore of a single file? The backup is about 12 GB with medium compression. I’m surprised because even Windows Backup is quicker than that. Does CBU need to decompress the entire file first?

Once CBU supports incremental backups this could be my backup solution so I want this to work.