Recover 'frequent' link deleted from New Tab

Hi there ! Happy user of the Dragon (Windows 10, 64 bits) ! I came here to learn if/how I can solve
a minor (but annoying) problem, viz. I deleted (accidentally) a couple miniatures/links from the NewTab - since I did, the affected sites won’t come back to the N.T. however often I go back there, and I mean, I will return oftentimes but- no joy ! Seems the Dragon hard-blacklisted the affected sites, forever ! :=)

Please how can I recover the frequent sites I want ? It is all too easy BTW to delete them involuntarily, the icons on the new tab page are ridiculously small (they used to be larger !) and there is NO confirmation when clicking the ‘X’ that removes them :=( Please if possible make the frequent site icons LARGER again, also make it a setting so we can have more icons on New Tab and also optionnaly REMOVE the useless “search” link which takes space for no reason (doing double duty with the “omnibar”):

Thanks Comodo for giving us a better Chrome than Chrome !

Please HELP !
Is there noone at Comodo able to help ? Is Comodo Dragon being maintained by someone ?
Am I the only user ?

This behaviour is inherited from chromium code. There is nothing to do now after deletion. We will try to implement a feature in the new version that will have a different behaviour.

Thank you !

Alex P

Oh, thank you, Alex ! I understand this is a Chromium “feature”, and I expect Comodo to make code adjustments in future versions of Dragon - and possibly to propose such adjustments back ‘upstream’.

Yet as things stand now, there has to be /some/ way for me to purge the sites that have been “banned” from the New Tab links - there has to be a file, or files, in which the list is kept; What file(s) and can I delete / redo the list ? Even a quick-and-dirty method would be better than none. TIA !


The top visited sites are stored in C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default, there are 2 file Top Sites and Top Sites Journal. If you delete those files it will reset the tabs, only to reload them after max 1 min from the local database. If you delete the local database folder it will reset the entire browser or it might render it to not open in some cases so you might as well delete your entire user data folder, which will delete all your history, tabs, etc. If you find this a convenient way, this is the way to proceed. Either reset the browser to default settings or delete the C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\Comodo\Dragon\User Data folder. Caution in both cases IT WILL DELETE ALL OF YOU COMODO DRAGON STORED DATA!

Sorry I can’t be of much help regarding this matter but there are security measures implemented to prevent hacks from other third party software to promote unwanted pages there.
Alex P

Oh I see… Well, then, I’ll better live with the inconvenience than have to reinstall everything including
hundreds of favorite links …

Isn’t that particular “security measure” sounding like “security by obscurity” though ? Ha !
Why can’t the list of “frequent” sites" be reviewed and edited by a user from the Settings menu,
which is optionally password protected, in the same way - for instance - s/he can review and edit the “cookie” list ? I count on you to make this possible without compromising the security of the CD, and - also - to allow for more and larger miniatures on the New Tab as part of future upgrades.

Thank you very much !

Hi again,
As I said before this entire handling (with the deletion of pages from top sites) is inherited from chromium. We are going to change it so it will be more easier to use in the new version of CD. Thank you for your feedback and we will do our best to solve this problem.
Have a great weekend !

Great but… it’s been a months and counting, Dragon’s been updated at least twice and… no improvement, wrt viewing/editing.undoing the list of deleted “frequent” sites. Nor with regards to microscopic miniatures on the “new tab” page (to the contrary, it seems they get smaller and smaller as time passes).

Are you still planning to remedy this and in general, other bad choices imposed by Google/Chromium devs ?

Hi Czerno,

We are now curently implementing a new speed dial feature with common usefull links but it’s not yet ready. Probably in v73 it will be tested and launched.
Thank you for your reply!