recording movies from the computer


I have tried a few recording software like hypercam 2, cam studio and others but it’s taking to much space.

I would like to hear which recording software is for free and good and that doesn’t take 3,5G after recording less than 1min.

Thank you for all the reply!


That was a year ago, when i searched for recording application i stopped a choice on BB FlashBack Express. It does not produce video in “normal” format, but with the help of XviD video can be converted to avi or smth else. Iirc size of resulting video is acceptable.

thank you for your tip! now I need to convert the movies to avi-format:)

thx again


I need to convert the movies to avi-format
Only some DVD players can play .avi formats. If your DVD player can't play .avi formats, use this solutions below. A program called "Convert X to DVD" can convert just about any video formant to a dvd format that will play on any DVD player and then burn it to a disc :)

thx Jay!

I’m using CamStudio with ffdshow for encoding on-the-fly. Flawless.

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thx for you great tip burebista! now i can record with camstudio aswell.

I know this old and solved topic but I have recently installed the newest beta of camstudio and I have also installed ffdshow but I can’t find ffdshow in option -->video options

Thanks in advance.