Recommended Setting For Block Fragmented IP datagrams

Why has the default setting on this option changed from Enabled to Disabled? The explanation is also confusing as it seems to self-contradict:

Blocks all outgoing/incoming fragmented IP packets (A personal computer barely needs to send or receive fragmented IP packets. These types of packets are more useful for routers. This option must be disabled unless necessary)

If most users don’t need these packets shouldn’t the recommendation be to enable the option to block them?

Also depends if one has a router…

blocking fragmented datagrams can have negative impact on f.ex bit-torrent :

So, blocking them by default could(would) hurt performance for those who need them.
Not blocking them by default shouldn’t hurt anyone because if you don’t need them and
receive them anyway they are unsolicited traffic and should therefore get blocked anyway …

Thanks gordon. The explanation from the GUI still seems contradicting (for the personal computer part, but not for the router part).


  1. I never really noticed any performance change for p2p with it disable or enabled (though it may vary for people with fast internet speeds)
  2. I have not notice these alert entries in the log as I did with v2. Anybody seen it for v3?

I had problems with Block Fragmented IP datagrams set to ON under GTA SA network client.
It simply refused to connect.