Recommended Firewall-/AntiVir-Programs

Everytime I use spybot, it finds up to 20 cookies/spies/trojans. Immunizing and deleting these suckers is only temporarely. Think, I get 'em through Mozilla. Have a steady IP-adresse., Zedo, SystemDoctor2006, Doubleclick, -trade and other stuff is coming on and on. Got “vista!” as an Anti-Vir-Programm. I’m also member of the “World Community Grid”, which enables a steady internet-connection vià “BOINC-Manager”. Have looked through the FAQs, but couldn’t find the right topic/link. How do I get rid of those things?

Thx for your replies!

For an anti-spyware, I recommend SUPERAntiSpyware, for an anti-virus I recommend avast!, and for a firewall I recommend Comodo’s.


If you would like to block a number of cookies, active-x controls, etc that are classed as spyware / adware have a look at the spyware defense + security defense of:


Thx for the hint! System’s working faster, but the same problem keeps reoccuring; spybot is always finding the same things. Everytime I check my system intensively vià vista!, it gets a breakdown! Sophos finds MadHookCode.dll, which is rarely a virus. Your AWC finds (which I think is the clearest target to operate on) a tracking cookie (adress: named data miner. Keeps on coming like a twelve-tailed-rabbit! Further suggestions…? (:SAD)

Thx so far!


Please post in:,58.0.html

I and others will be able to help you more, please also follow as many of the instructions as you can.

At LEAST post a hijackthis log and what OS you are using, keep in mind the more steps in the “required information” sticky you follow the faster we can help you.

Good to hear your system is faster :wink: Please follow Rotty’s advice and post in the malware removal section, for better help. It sounds like a malware is reinstalling itself after removal, a common technique used by some malware.