Recommendations please

Hello Newbie here,

Have XP Pro SP2. Wanting to purchase Firewall Pro Plus. In addition to this, what other security software would you suggest for total and complete peace of mind?

I have used ProSecurity, DefenseWall, Sandboxie, Returnil, Counterspy v2 and Superantispyware Pro before. Which of these would you recommend I keep and/or replace with something else?

Many thanks for your help.



I would recommend Comodo BOclean for any computer. This is available free from:

I also run AVG 8 Pro - which includes anti-rootkit, web shield and quite a comprehensive scanning engine.


Thanks Jim. Let me ask you this - I thought Firewall Pro Plus (with A-Vsmart) doesn’t need an AV product. Would you still advise using an AV with it? Any conflicts in doing this? I do agree with adding BOclean.


Its always easier to use an AV. And there will be no conflicts as long as the AV dosn’t come bundled with a firewall.

Thanks. I may rethink going with FPP (A-VSMART) and go with just the Firewall Pro instead. It appears that nobody is using the Pro Plus (A-VSMART), but instead are using just the firewall + their own choice of AV.

What about the other Comodo add-ons?

I’d use V-Smart CP3 Plus if I was paying for antivirus this year but have decided to go with free options.

Comodo BoClean has a new version coming out (I think next Tuesday) and is a good addition to your computer protection. It even caught and removed a trojan on my computer before my Antivir PE Premium had a chance to react though my AV recommendation (PAID) is Antivir PE Premium which includes spyware detection in the paid version only.

these are mine :
CFP3 w/Defense+
Avast 4.8 (maybe i’m gonna switch to antivir 8 FREE later)

i’ll use it if someone would pay for it ;D , but since nobody generous enough to do that, i use “different” approach ;D
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Thanks for the help. I’m going with Comodo Firewall Pro 3 w/Defense+, BOclean, Avira PE Premium, CMF and Verification Engine real time.

On demand…

CounterSpy v2
Superantispyware Pro

You have all those in real time? Your pc must crawl. Especially Counter Spy.If you using Avira Premium you do not need a real time spyware scanner. An Avira modder told me this.

No. Only CS and SAS. The rest are on demand.

BTW, any guess when Comodo’s AV will be out of BETA and how it will compare with Avira, Avast etc…?

Comodo’s av isnt as good as Avira and Avira is better then Avast. See AV Comparivites. No need to run SAS and CS in real time. No need for 2 real time spyware scanners. Thats overlap and can actually make you more prone to infections cause of conflicts. I use Comodo and Avira Premium and never been infected in over 5 years.

Antispyware protection dosn’t conflict with each other, unless they both have HIPS. I run two antispywares, and they work fine. Only two HIPS, two firewalls, and two antiviruses conflict.

That maybe true info but like I I said I don’t see the need. The only time I worry about spyware is when I visit the dark side. Then I use Sandboxie and dump it when I am done browsing.

Well I use spysweeper as my main, and zone alarm antispyware for the added spy site protection, and blocking.

Ho stop :slight_smile:

Avira Premium is better than Avast! Home/Pro when you look at detection rates :slight_smile: But Avira Personal has not the spyware detection and a lot of functions Avast! Home has :wink:

My choice :

Shareware : Avira Premium
Freeware : Avast! Home

Greetz, Red.

Blah,Blah Blah Rudolph. I would rather spend $20 on Avira Premium then keep Avast free. I still have a valid license for NOD32 but it was locking up my games. Avast 4.7 was good but something is screwy with Avast 4.8. Web pages wont load. My pc boot is slower on both my machines. Avira free is junk I admit that. I cant wait for Avira 8 to be released with its web guard.

I wouldn’t buy the VSmart warranty version of CFP. Simple reason is that if you are concerned about security, over the course of using these tools you will learn to recognize and fix problems yourself, with the (free) help of the forum here and for your other products. V-Smart doesn’t fix your wormed disk or get back your compromised personal data; it is a “too late and too little” as far as I am concerned. There will be endless debates about the antivirus percentages, but avast! is very good and very up to date-certainly is the least intrusive of any I have tried, and does automatic updates at least once a day. Now does spyware and rootkits too. I have tried antivir and avg (along with the dreaded Norton and McAfee :slight_smile: ) and don’t like the way they play on my system as well, although they seem to be excellent products. What are you doing that makes you want to pile on security software? A little time spent with the more useful tools would not slow down your computer and would help you be more comfortable on the internet.

I have a simple philosophy : You don’t have to pay for good pc security :slight_smile: ( Although I have some licences from security app’s too for testing purposes :wink: ) But I don’t think Avira Free is junk, and I don’t have your experiences with Avast! 4.8 :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Free is for me…Thats the ticket. :BNC :Beer

huh ??? i used that, i think it’s good (i don’t really need the email scanner & the AS can be replaced)

more huh ???