Recommendations for µTorrent's µTP? [Solved]

It’s not that new, but I was wondering if I allowed just TCP & UDP on outgoing, will uTP connect properly? I’ve changed my outgoing rule from Allow TCP/UDP to Allow IP since uTorrent 1.8.x something (don’t remember the exact version) just in case. If that’s true would the incoming port rule also need to change?

Shouldn’t it be fine with all your rules being TCP/UDP.

That control is just built into a UDP packet. No?


I’ve not had to make any changes to my rules for uTorrent 2.0, I simply placed the v2.0 executable in the uTorrent folder, where it picked up the preferences from settings.dat and, so far at least, seems to work very well.

As Bad suggested, the control mechanisms are built into the UDP datagram and thus should be transparent at the firewall level.

That’s great. I thought uTP was a new protocol on itself and wasn’t in the firewall’s list.