Recommendation for AV and Firewall for use with Vista


First, could someone recommend a free, solid, and dependable AV and Firewall for use with Vista? (of course, only until Comodo’s AV and Firewall are available)

Second, approximately when will Comodo have an AV and a Firewall available for Vista (:CLP). I’m a new Vista user.

Thank you.

Hi, welcome! :slight_smile:

For AV, I’d recommend the free Avira AntiVir program. But please consider: I’ve no idea how it works on Vista (just XP), but it is supposed to support Vista.

Firewall, I don’t know.

Comodo Firewall Pro v. 3 will support Vista, it’s in beta now. Look here.

CAVS 3 beta may arrive in October, but probably not with Vista support I’m afraid.


Hi Littleones

Only vista compatible F/W i know of is Pctools and zonealarm.(don’t know how each perform).

Hope this helps

Jetico also has a Vista-compatible FW, but I don’t think it’s free. PCTools’ FW seems to do okay on XP; perhaps it will on Vista (and it is free). I’ve heard that ZA is pretty rough on Vista (lots of memory, etc), but also free.