Recommend products Votes and reviews please about all products that you use

Can Everyone here Tell me about the Software they use and how they recommend it and a little breif and URL to get that product? I was wonder because grandma’s or whom ever need help deciding I hope all the Moderators visit and reply to this one, I mean CPF is the best everyone knows that but i mean to antivirus w/ hips all the way to the verification engine, please reply and by the way (R)

Hi CGPMaster. I hope my recent PM helped a bit. If you want I can post them here (pretty much a summary of all my recommendations in the past in this forum). Also hopefully you can change your nick to CFPMaster after you relinquish your Newbie status ;D

I’d recommend Avast Home Edition 4.7. It got over 8 million download from, got 5 star rating and over 3000 users vote it 4,5/5 total. It takes ~30MB RAM, so I’d recommend having 512 MB RAM if you’re going to run Avast, firewall and HIPS. For HIPS and firewall I can only say one thing: wait till CPF 3 is released and you’ll have best firewall and HIPS there is. I’ve used Avast for some years, and I’ve had no bad experience with it.


EDIT: Avast can be downloaded at , and I don’t need to tell you where to download CPF? ;D

(:WAV) CGPMaster!

Very much depending on who you are, your knowledge and internet habits, I would recommend these programs:

Firewall, Comodo Firewall

Antimalware, Comodo BOClean

Antivirus, ?. I use Comodo, but I know that 2.0 isn’t the worlds best AV. I use it anyway, mostly because I’m obsessed by Comodo’s software. I think the next version, with BOClean integrated, will be much closer to the leading programs, and maybe even be a real top product. If you want the best free AV of today, I guess Avast or Avira Antivir are the best ones.

Browser, Firefox with NoScript. Or Opera.

As for the future there will be (IMO) two applications to give you excellent protection - Comodo Firewall 3 and Comodo AntiVirus 3!!! And don’t forget to use a safe browser - Microsoft lets everything in and block some bad stuff, Firefox and Opera let nothing in and allow what you decide!


thanks n no you dont lol

ok what about spyware ?

… (S)

I haven’t tried BOClean myself, but you could give it a try. Else I recommend Spybot Search & Destroy:

And Ad-aware is also a good product:

And SpywareBlaster is a good to prevent spyware from infecting you:

Also, there’s a product called Advanced Windows Care, it’s not anti-spyware product, but it got a feature that prevents spyware, so if you’re interested…

Hope it helped :slight_smile:


Everybody here is on the same boat. Take your picks, master (:NRD)

only comodo firewall is worthy but i shall choose my own fate lol

This software isn’t a security, but it can be a life-saver in a lot of situations:,119.0.html

Particularly useful prior to testing software in case they crash your system or whatever.

I don’t see anyone mentioning AVG. I bought a two year license for my laptop and so far so good. That was last year. I also use SpyBot, BoClean and AdAware on that computer. I tried the new AdAware on this desktop and I did not like it. Too buggy for me.

I do not know if they have a free firewall or not. I had used their free AVG anti-virus for a long time and found it to be pretty darn good.

As I stated somewhere else I have been trying Norton’s 360 and I do not like it. In the first place there is not way to cut off from the Internet. In the second place unlike my former Internet Suite, Trend Micro, they have terrible support! I mean if you are paying for a product, you should get support!

Also, Windows Defender and Spybot are not compatible with Norton 360. I had to uninstall them.

I am tired of buying products that don’t do half the job as some of the free ones. Although I bought BoClean a long time ago and have never been disappointed with the service nor product.

Is that specific enough? I used to (still do) have a page with good free software but for health reasons I have not updated my pages in ages. When I do Comodo will be up there.

thanks That helps alot

Hi CGPMaster (:WAV)

Firewall…yep u guessed it, Comodo Firewall Pro

Anti Virus…NOD32- light, fast and im my opinion one of the best av’s out there.

Antimalware…again its the superb, Comodo BOClean.

Antispyware…(Paid Product) Spyware Doctor, good detection rates and one of the best at spyware removal…but the downside is it’s a bit of a hog.

Antispyware…(Freeware) a-squared, run this from time to time as a extra layer to find those spyware nasties, (but i havn’t found any so far!)

Browser Immunizer…(Freeware) Good old, Spywareblaster.

Browser…Firefox with NoScript.

Other additional software:

Advanced Windows Care V2 (Freeware) WindowsCare Personal is an all-in-one PC-care utility that takes a one-click approach to help protect, repair, and optimize your computer. Scanning and finding what other utilities miss, it can keep your PC error-free and running smoothly than ever.

CCleaner…love this handy tool, CCleaner (■■■■ Cleaner) is a freeware system optimization tool. That removes unused and temporary files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster, more efficiently and giving you more hard disk space. The best part is that it’s fast! (normally taking less that a second to run) and Free. :slight_smile: Download

Oh forgot to say the most important one…ME! lol

Novie :■■■■

Hi CGPMaster

For a firewall, I use Comodo Firewall Pro for the past 8 months, never had any problems with it. For malware, trojans… I just started using BoClean about 1 month ago and I can honestly say that it has been problem free, and as an added bonus, I have not had ANY spyware found on my system since I started using it.

I use AVG free as my anti0virus and it also has been problem free. I tried the CAV but I had sme difficulties uploading and getting it to update. I am hoping that the new version will be better.

I use Spybot and AVG spyware detector (both free) and they seem to keep me clean, but like I said, they never find anything.

I use CCleaner to get rid of unneeded stuff.

Hope this helps, as it has kept me “germ” free since I have had this new computer ( a little over a year).

Thanks expecisally for that windowcare I needed that lol I alrady use CCLeaner i’ts great lol My grandmother just took of CPF umm I"m more worried about Spyware and Virus, I have BOClean, Sometimes I use Spywareterminator and Adware but my computer shuts down while it scans then Boots back up Does anyone know about this??

Sorry for this late reply. For antispyware I use Superantispyware. I think it is just as good as Webroot plus it is free. You can pay extra for Superantispyware Pro.

Download it from:

Hope it helps.

I use Tuneup 2007 / lavasoft (ad-aware) / RepairXP / BoClean / Comodo Firewall and CAtrust. I can run all scans without any problems. Even when i start all the same time. :THNK

More people report trouble with Norton than any other utilities. It has really fallen by the waste side since windows Me. Macfee was good but has become so ■■■■-ed your system can’t handle it, even slows a dual core down and is a pain to remove as well Norton. Both these programs don’t like other companies programs trying to do their work and forces you to remove them, at lest Mcafee will not load if you have ada-wear which i hear the new version is a nightmare.