Recommend a Rule wording (help Needed)

Hi people,
Until now I have set my on demand malware scanners as trusted applications simply to avoid possible conflicts with CIS and BoClean but during a reinstall of A-Squared today I noticed that the rule which applied when I set it as a “Trusted Application” then became “Allow all incoming and Outgoing traffic” or words to that effect. It started me thinking that perhaps there was a better rule set which would allow Superantispyware, Malwarebytes and A-Squared to do their job unopposed but maybe not have total freedom to do what they want just in case one of them happened to become infected itself. How do you other users set your rules for applications such as these?.

Hey Blues, You could add those executables to “My protected files”. This should offer them even stronger protection. I have them set as trusted apps, Cause I know that if ever another program tried to “infect” D+ would catch it…

Thanks for the reply Dr Kyle,
I had a look just now but can’t figure out how to add them as they are not in Running Processes as they are used on demand and I can’t seem to find them when I browse. Any chance of giving me a step by step?.