Recomended Settings 4 Installing Other Programs

hmmmm :-\ I cant seem to find any info on my Q ??? I would have thought someone would have asked this Q by now. Anyhow…when installing a program what are the recomended settings for the Firewall and for Defence+? >:-D I wana know EVERYTHING that the installing program does >:-D

If you want maximum protection with allot of user interaction just use the paranoid mode in both.

But remember this setting will require ALLOT OF USER INTERACTION
If you want to alerted of everything that a program does(hooks, keyboard interaction etc…)

hmmmm maybe i should just use the sand box. DAM :o that was alot of user interaction. I actually got a finger cramp 88) lol

I have warned you.

The default configuration is optimal for most users.
I for example prefer using the Proactive configuration using ARP protection and some other tweaks.

k thanks