Recognizer v8.4.0.5165 in Viruscope - No Further Updates?

I downgraded to CFW v8, the last version from v10 because the new version omitted some editing features from the Block List, and I found not to be as informative.

I was wondering why the Recognizer will not update to the latest version to guard against Ransomware in CFW v8 unless this was a feature only to be made available in v10 and up?

Yes, you should be on CIS v10.

The unblock application task is a new feature only present in V10. You may be confusing it with the file list which actually doesn’t have the purge function as it was re-introduced in V10.

That is a wish to add purge and remove function to the unblock application task. That task was added in V10 and does not exist in V8.

Can you take a print screen and upload it to and share it with us?

Somehow i forgot about the Attach image option :o :slight_smile:

CFW 10 have the same options inside the quarantine.

block list? i presume you mean Blocked Applications/Unblock Applications.

No the block list shows files that are blocked by any component(Firewall,HIPS,Sandbox,AV). Whereas the quarantine only lists files that are quarantined by the AV. See the help on what the unblock applications task is used for: Manage Blocked Items, Blocked Applications, Comodo Internet Security | COMODO compared to quarantine: Manage Quarantined Items, Remove & Isolate suspicious files | Internet Security Help

The unblock task is going to be improved in a newer CIS version.