Reckless driving only in Saudi Arabia

Hi all,
More online followers in all regions of the world to know the leadership of young Saudi Arabia
Are the best people to drive
Athoron at speeds varying between 160 to 200 kilometers per hour

I will put you a whole new video clips filmed in 2012 2013

There are a lot of video
Shill in this issue
Soon you will put a lot of them

I only see the benefit of having broad roads without trees and houses in the desert to do lame drifting.

Yes, a lot of them. No need for more.

Russia can beat that any day… LOL!

(:CLP) The Horse , he know the rules - bravo mister horse walking on the zebra ;D


Does not say so
Drunk Russians 24 Hours

A full hour of fun Saudi

Monday equestrian Street - Riyadh + accident


On Wednesday afternoon

Toyota Hilux

Arent you getting tired of this?
Its allways the same.




Hi zaKrTH,
I can not help but notice the repetitive nature of the YouTube links, this very suspiciously looks as if there must be some ulterior motive to these actions IMO.
Creating a Forum account especially on an Internet Security Forum just to post YouTube links all containing similar content does come over as very suspiciously resembling that of a spammer and I would think other Moderators would view it much the same.
Please consider my comments above and reconsider future postings containing nothing other than YouTube links.

Thanks from Captainsticks.