Recieving spam emails from 'myself'?

I have a noob question…i am recieving spam emails from my email address to…my email?

It looks like this?..

If you are unable to see the message below, click here to view .

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY - This is being sent from an unattended mailbox.

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Could you post the message’s source?

how do i do that?

First, what email program/webmail company do you use?

microsoft outlook…xp.

Which version?


Drat…I have to find my Office 2007 disk. After format I lost Office.

No need to go to a lot of trouble over this one.

It is a SPAM technique where they forge the mail header.

Do Not try to unsubscribe.
As that would simply confirm a “live one”. And you can then expect more.

They do this to make filtering difficult. Blocking your own email wouldn’t be so good.

Your Safest options are to - Delete and forget. - Report, Delete forget.

If you get a lot like this tweak your email programs SPAM filter, if you use one.



    Bad Frogger gave out a good advice. (:CLP)
    You could also select 'Only allow digitally signed e-mail' in the policy page of Comodo AntiSpam2.5, and please make sure do not add your own e-mail address in white list. If you want to sign e-mail you sent out, you could get one free certificate from Comodo. And Secure Email will be a good choice if you know little about certificate and digital signature.

thanks for the info guys that helped…i figured not to unsubscribe as it may lead to something worse…i currently don’t use any spam filter but am thinking of using one now!

The problem is most email senders don’t digitally sign their emails, so Ryanman may not get all his “real” emails.

What I do to help limit spam: I have two email addresses (and I view both accounts at the same time in my email reader, Windows Live Mail), one is for signing up at sites I trust (like Comodo and Microsoft), the second is for signing up at suspicious sites that might send spam.

I only check my second “spam” account when I am expecting a email.

So the result is, my first “real” account gets usually no spam, while my second “spam” account get more than 40 spam emails per day (but I don’t care).

i do the same thing. i still barely get any spam on my “spam” account though


I guess that is because I signup at more “suspicious” sites than you… (:SHY)