Recieving multiple copies of the one email with outlook 2002 except when firewal


I have in the last 3 weeks started receiving multiple copies of the one email ( up to 4 copies ) . I use outlook 2002. I contacted the ISP which is bigpond in Australia and they checked that the messages were being cleared from their server which they were. They got me to check if it happened when my anti virus ( NOD 32)was turned off and it still did and then if my firewall was turned of ( Comodo ) and when the firewall was turned off I only got a single copy of the email. Any ideas to fix this issue would be appreciated.


Outlook and Outlook Express have a “feature” that causes them to ignore the final email protocol handshake that says “all done”. It’s been there for a long time, no fix.

But, since you’re only recently seeing this, I’m inclined to think there is something else in the background.

Have you turned on Outlook email logging, to trace the sessions? I don’t know Outlook, but under Outlook Express, the logging is under Tools → Options, the Maintenance tab, at the very bottom are troubleshooting checkboxes. SMTP is for mail your machine is sending outbound. IMAP and POP are for email coming into your machine, which is what you’re describing as the problem. Mark the checkboxes as needed for what you’re using, exit Outlook, and then restart Outlook (got to reset to pick up the new options). The logging will create text log files somewhere.

Eyeball the log, and see what it says. If you have a question, you can post the log here. But be warned that email addresses will likely get harvested, and be careful of passwords in the log. You may want to edit the log for posting.

If the log isn’t useful, then the hard way to run this down, is to capture the network traffic with something like Wireshark.