Recently downloaded-- Need help

Hello, I have recently downloaded Comodo Firewall.
I run a private server ( Moparscape ) and i kept getting attacks from botnets and DOS. So i heard about this and its GREAT btw.

But i have a few minor questions…

  1. I have 2 users on my computer, and i have my account set to Administrator and it still says i need to " get an administrator account " to scan. I can set details and stuff, but i cant scan.

THE POP UPS… How do i stop or limit or choose… what the little message box in the bottom right hand corner pops up as…
becuase i have to accpet it every time somone wants to log in, and its quite bothersome…

if you could please help me i would grealty appriciate it.

Hi there, since you refer to a “scan” function, I suspect you have CFP 3.0 - not 2.4? Please check your version, if it’s 3.0 we’d like to move your topic to the proper section. :wink: