Recent versions of Orbit Downloader has caused DDoS attacks

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Recent versions of Orbit Downloader, a popular Windows program for downloading embedded media content and other types of files from websites, turns computers into bots and uses them to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, according to security researchers.

Starting with version released in December, the Orbit Downloader program silently downloads and uses a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) component that has DDoS functionality, malware researchers from antivirus vendor ESET said Wednesday in a blog post.

The rogue component is downloaded from a location on the program’s official website,, the ESET researchers said. An encrypted configuration file containing a list of websites and IP (Internet Protocol) addresses to serve as targets for attacks is downloaded from the same site, they said.

Is this program in Comodo’s whitelist? :-[

Is this program in Comodo's whitelist?
Seeing how it just got found out. I would say its in there.

When I go on my other machine, I’ll download orbit downloader and use cceto figure out the whitelist name if it is whitelisted. If it is,I’ll report it in its proper spot


It’s now reported

I was using this before ? I am not using now? Do I need to do anything ?

Just make sure you have nothing left from them on your system.

I un-install it via REVO ? I checked “regedit” there is no residual
thabks for help :-TU

This has been happening since december? Strange it’s taken so long to be spotted.

It makes you wonder how many other programs are out there which do the same but yet to be found…