recent update rendered windows almost unuseable

recently comodo asked to update, and then restart.
after that, windows started up, but without vista’s dreamscene, side bar, or my stardock running. on top of that, any icons, programs, folders, anything i clicked would not respond. the windows warning came up that i was trying to start a program, but after i ok’d it, nothing happened.
come to think of it, accessing comodo from the system tray might have been the only thing that i could do. although even that wasn’t even running correctly. as it prompted me to run the diagnostic tool to see what was wrong. it said that it found problems, but immediately afterward said that it was unable to fix the problems. thereafter asking if i wanted to make a report(of course not to send out a report to comodo but just to make one).

so since it took me going into safemode to even get enough functionality back to windows to even uninstall comodo… i decided to stick with windows firewall for a bit. the only thing i am certain of is that this problem wasnt related to comodo safe surf, as it was still running after i uninstalled the firewall.

also, as a side note, i have been using comodo for a while with no problems untill now. i only installed the firewall and not the anti virus, as i have another already in place. the firewall was installed under the third protection option that it asked me during instilation. i was satisfied with comodo before this point, but is not worth having untill i solve this problem.

thank you for any and all help.

Exactly the same story. I’d been using comodo for a couple of months, with no problems (except it is quite tedious and complex to use, but it was working ok). After reboot, the newest update froze Vista. I had no choice but to kill the power to my laptop. Vista would then not reboot. I had to do a system restore from safe mode.

I uninstalled comodo immediately and downloaded the free version of Online Armor. And wow. What a great program; so simple yet effective - I like it much more than outpost and comodo. With OA, Avira, sandboxie, and occasionally running malwarebytes, I finally feel safe enough to risk running untrusted software on my machine.

I feel sad ditching comodo, but I simply can’t have updates doing that to my machine. If it was a rare occurrence and the forums were full of support staff trying to fix the issue, I might reconsider. But neither is true - it has happened with previous updates, and I have not had any of my posts answered by any comodo developers, tech support or beta-testers, only by other end-users with the same problems.

Guy’s can you please tell us what other security/anti whatever software you have installed ?
Being active or on demand does not matter.

There are reports that Ad-Adware and SpySweeper are conflicting with this update.
Can you also try to Disable D+ permanently on the D+ Settings and then reboot to see if that “fixes” the problem ?

There are reports that Ad-Adware and SpySweeper are conflicting with this update

I don’t have those.

The only other security products I had are Avira Antivirus and malwarebytes.
Malwarebytes wasn’t loaded into memory and no service was running (ie. I don’t use realtime protection).
Avira was loaded and active during the update, but reported nothing (it reports any actions it takes).

Can you also try to Disable D+ permanently on the D+ Settings and then
reboot to see if that “fixes” the problem?

I can’t, because I’m not willing to put my machine at risk again.
Besides, I’ve installed a replacement program, and I really like it so far.

I hope you can solve these issues; comodo has a lot going for it.
It’s not my cup of tea though.
Good luck.

No problem,

I’m sure Devs’ will fix this, it’s at their full attention at the moment.

I had a similar experience but possibly for a different reason. I have Windows XP Pro with SP2 installed. I updated via automatic update to the most recent version yesterday. Everything was fine until I tried running a new program for the first time. I was trying to run CPU-Z and it detected it as an unknown app and gave me the normal warning. I was going to select “treat as trusted application” but my “treat as” drop-down no longer had the trusted app as a choice. I think I chose something like “independant windows app” which was my problem. My fault for not knowing what that option did. But immediatly after doing that I could not launch any new programs, I kept getting a message I was not authorized or that I did not have access to the program. I even got that same message when I tried to reboot. But it did let me log off. My from login screen it let me shut down. When the PC came back up, I was able to log in and that was it. Same access denied messages. I log in as administrator all the time. I thought maybe my permissions/security got highjacked or something, so I tried going to “Manage” the PC and it would not let me do that either. It let me go to the control panel, but when I tried to open the Add/Remove programs it gave me access error again. So I right-clicked and did a “Run as” and then entered the same administrator credintials that I log in with and it opened. I uninstalled Comodo CIS and rebooted and everything is fine.

So it was my own doing by choosing an option I was unfamiliar with, but not something I would ever really expect to happen. That is why I wanted to pass it along, I can’t imagine that was intended behavior for CIS. I do plan to reinstall, I just wont use that option for a “treat as” any more. I’m also curious why the “trusted app” was removed from those option.


Looks like you blocked explorer.exe ?

There are a few situations where “trusted applications” doesn’t show up, only i don’t remember them at the moment.

i do have avira as well, and i do have ad-aware, but i hope that some one can find a way around having to drop one or the other. i had been running threatfire in the past as well, but aparently there is not yet a version for vista 64bit i guess.

anyway, i hope this issue is solved, but for now i am just using windows firewall. i may opt for a different firewall in the end anyway.

thanks for the responses.

I expect a release this/next week, keep an eye on the forums for more info…