recent update issues

On my windows 7 machine clicking update caused Chrome to not be able to access the internet
disabling HIPS allowed access.-- also system was doggy
Tech suggested R&R which has fixed that problem
however auto sandbox was installed “disabled”
after removing old version I found tons of registry entries left over
I would suggest running comodo registry cleaner before any reinstall
I attached a diagnostic log and cc reg backup to my chat (for the uninstalled version)
anything else that would help?

Now the xp laptop
upgrade practically bricked the laptop
looked like disk was swapping- took like a half hour to boot up many minutes to change tasks (like to get to control panel)
I added a GB of ram- no change
almost had to go to safe mode to get to Comodo uninstall
after this uninstall also found tons of left over registry entries
am going to do some more cleaning before reinstalling
stuck with Windows firewall behind a router for awhile
laptop has revived and appreciates max 32 bit xp memory
As with Norton and McAfee I guess I’m going to always do a clean install of Comodo
any other work arounds?
I have c-cleaner reg backups if you need to see them

looks like uninstall needs some work however who knows how many previous versions of Comodo Firewall were left around
cheers- just trying to help

Which versions of CIS were you upgrading from for each of the systems?


Without the version number there is little I can think to do. Please let me know which version was originally installed.


Okay, I am going to assume this may be a fixable issue with the Antivirus component. Therefore, I will move this to the HELP section of the forum.

If this does not turn out to be fixable, and is a bug with the most recent version, please let me know.


See if following Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems by my colleague Chiron will get your system back on track again.

The update was whatever you are given when the message “new version available” pop’s up on the desktop system had latest version at that time- update is checked once a week
currently running 7.0315459.4132 and the update was from 6
I think 5 was first installed on this machine

on the laptop my brother did a manual update from the taskbar> “more” then went to download page to download for complete reinstall- I do not know if he has done this yet
I went in and disabled a lot of startups and used Black Viper’s safe config for services
ran adw cleaner, atf cleaner, CCleaner, comodo— lots of ■■■■
but amount of registry entries left after uninstall does concern me
as I said these could have been oldy moldie from ver 5 as I do not recall doing fresh install when going from 5 to 6

ran todays update- no problems
but I set a restore point first :slight_smile: