Recent scanner issue

I have been using the combination of Comodo products for over a month now. The firewall, CAVS, and BOClean. In addition I have “doublechecked” their reliability by using some stand alone programs and online scanners. Until yesterday my email client was Eudora (paid version). All three of these products worked well with both Eudora and Firefox. Yesterday I checked for updates on CAVS - prior to running a full system scan - and downloaded CAVS updates. I have automatic updates on for CAVS, but do check for the latest before running a scan. When the updates installed I received an error message saying that the On Access Scanner was not loaded. CAV003. Several attempts to load it and several reboots didn’t solve the problem. So, I (assuming we had a beta glitch) went to uninstall CAVS and reinstall it. This is where it got a little freaky. The CAVS uninstall, and the CAVS update files had endings .exern. Have no idea where the “rn” addition on these files originated. So I backed out the rn on the unintall file and CAVS uninstalled just fine. Concerned that the rn stood for rename had me wondering if I had a virus, etc. issue. I installed AVG free antivirus and ran a scan. Nothing. Went online and did a housecall with Trend Micro. Nothing. Went to Symantec and did an online scan. Nothing. I ran rootkit programs and installed Norton’s AntiBot (trial) to see if there was an issue there. Nothing. So am perplexed by this all and wonder if this has been encountered by anyone else. Thank you in advance,

Hello RoyalOldDude

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I see that there have been 23 views of your post and no one has yet answered. I suspect it is because no one has seen this happen before and it does seem a little strange. I don’t have an answer for you nor a solution for your problem but if no one else can come up with anything soon why don’t you sent in a ticket to the developers to let them see your problem. Here is a link with info to follow for that.

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