"Recent programs" Start menu icons problem

Hell everybody from Italy.

I’m writing to find a solution for a problem that make me mad with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
From some days I’ve discovered that I cannot delete the recent programs Start menu icon (right click - remove from list). Any time I try to delete via traditional way, the icon(s) remain here and the only way to get rid off those garbage is right click on Start menu properties and deactivate the recent programs icons and activate it again.
I’m a Comodo Firewall user from lots of years and also been a WinPatrol user (now uninstalled for problems with a dll file). Either the programs have a feature that protect some registry keys, and I suspect that the Start menu issue may depend from Comodo or Winpatrol.
Why I’m saying this? I wrote a help request in a Microsoft Social Group and a MVP told me that either WinPatrol and Comodo Firewall are two dangerous softwares, that corrupt system files and processes. His suggestion was to remove the two softwares and reinstall Windows 7. His opinion is that the W7 built in firewall is better than Comodo. I don’t totally trust him; an ancient italian sentence says “Any cockroach is beautiful at his mother’s eyes”, so this is the consideration I have about MVP’s opinions.
I have the suspect that Comodo Firewall may protect some registry key that control the Start menu functionality; so I tryied to uninstall either WinPatrol and Comodo from PC, but at the next boot the situation is unchanged.
I also discovered that after a scanning with “Wise Registry Cleaner”, removing all the dead keys marked in green, after a new scanning thoose keys stills here.
What can I do to solve those issues? Please someone help me.

PS: forgive my poor english.

No one wants to help me? ???

Hi Mauro, I’m sorry you haven’t had any replies, but generally you will only get replies if someone knows how to fix your problem, or perhaps knows of something you could try that may help to resolve your issue.

Hey and warm welcome Mauro C.

Before you begin to follow my tip (if you want of course) put important files on a external device.

My suggestion if you have the time and the patience, to reinstall Win 7. After that install only CIS (or CF with another AV) and not Win Patrol. After that install comodo time machine 2.9b, uncheck all options program settings (CTM → settings → Program Settings) and make a snapshot.

This only my suggestion in oder to ensure yourself a clean and well working windows 7.

Valentin N

Thank you for your reply.
With your words you comfirm me that WinPatrol may cause damages to the operative system? In the meantime I’ve installed CTM and I will use it as replacement for Windows System Restore (not working for an issue, very common to lots of users).
For now I do not intend to format and reinstall alain Windows 7; the problems I’m having are not serious and doesn’t affecting use of hte PC.
I hope to find a painless solution.

Win Partol is HIPS program and CIS already has a HIPS component called for Defense+ and it is not wise to run two HIPS programs at the same time; unknown and unwanted problems can happen.

Same goes of having two AV and firewall on.

CTM 2.9b will be your savior if something goes to hell. :slight_smile:

Valentin N

GeekBuddy may have solution for this problem.

I’ve installed Comodo Time Machine yesterday, finding it a great software, but after a whole morning “blessing” the Anubi god (very long Scandisk at restart, lots of orphan files and corrupted, BSOD and lots of other troubles) I’ve decided to permanently uninstall CTM. Now My PC works again and there were no need to format.
CTM was an alernative for me as the Windows System Restore doesn’t work properly. Now I’m in search for a new alternative.

see what I wrote in one of your other threads Mauro C; I have given you an alternative solution if you want CTM

You won’t find any other that are free.

Valentin N

CTM made more disasters in my PC than a bomb. Now without CTM the PC works flawlessly, but I don’t know what to do in case I have to restore a previous system configuration (Windows System Restore doesn’t work properly for some misterious reason I have to discover).
Regarding WinPatrol I’m wondering if Comodo Firewall has a similar funcion, that alert me when a new program in added in Startup o some new service is added without my acknowledgement.

PS: forgive my poor english… ;D