Recent problems downloading files

I’ve just recently started having problems downloading files from the web. I use Firefox 4 as my browser, and CIS Premium (full install) as my security. I get no error message and a file does appear in the download folder. However, it’s only about 3K in size (not anywhere near what it was supposed to be). I opened IE 9, went to the download site and was able to download the file(s) with no problem.

I checked around within CIS and found, under Defense+ events, the notations in the attached. The provided example is for an upgrade for Mp3Tag. However, I have additional examples in which the same “Create Process, Block File” flag appears. I noticed that no rule had been created automatically for Firefox, so I created one showing it as a “Browser”. That fixed the problem for a day or two. Then the problem returned. I changed the predefined rule for Firefox to “Trusted Application”, and again that fixed the issue for a day or two. Now I’m not sure what to do. This is my first real performance related issue since using COMODO Firewall then CIS dating back to '06.

Thanks for any suggestions and/or help in this regard. -SA Jack

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Hi Jack. I would start by removing the manually created rules for FF, then I would go to D+, Computer Security Policy, Protected Files and Folders and make sure your download folder C:\Users\Jack\Downloads\ is not listed if it is remove the entry. Good luck and kind regards.

Hi Captiansticks:
Thanks from the quick reply. I went ahead and removed the manually created rules referencing FireFox from both the Firewall and Defense + Rules. I also checked for my Download folder as you indicated, and it is not listed.

I’ll see what happens.

I never believed I had need for a manually created rule for FireFox prior to a couple of days ago when I started getting these 3Kb downloads that wouldn’t work. So essentially I’m back where I started prior to having download problems.

I attempted a couple of the “problem” downloads again and had similar problems. However, I also noticed that NoScript (FF Extension) was partially blocking some portions of the page. I clicked NoScript to “Temporarily” allow the page, and the download worked. This may in fact NOT be a CIS issue at all, but rather related to NoScript.

I going to hopefully considered this problem resolved at this time. Thanks again for your help with this issue. -SA Jack

To SA Jack. Thanks back for your reply back, and I am glad you found a solution to your problem. I hope it continues to work properly for you in the future.
Kind regards.

Hey Captainsticks:
I found another site that I was having download problems with and it still did not work, even after tweaking NoScript. So I tested FireFox in “Safe” mode, and all downloads worked as they should. So I knew it had to be a problem with one of my FF Extensions. Since the problem only started a few days ago, I went after those few extensions that were a little late in updating to FF 4.0. What I found was that the extension called Interclue was the cause of the problem. I confirmed this by trying to download with my wife’s laptop (Win 7, SP1, 32bit), and CIS of course. Downloading would not work while Interclue was activated, but worked fine when disabled. I’ve sent a bug report to the developer of Interclue in hopes that the problem will be addressed and fixed soon.

I’ll post what Interclue determines and action taken to correct. -SA Jack

To SA Jack. Where there is a will there is always a way, well done on your find. Thanks for this information.

when something suddenly begins to act different, the first question should be “since when?”. this leads more often to the “why”, than to ask about the “what” :slight_smile:

nice example.