recent outages of Comodo sites

Anyone care to share some information on the recent outages of Comodo sites?

Here it is.

I see.

As someone who’s business is closely tied to the services provided by Comodo I was expecting a bit more of an explanation.

I had to spend a great deal of time explaining to my customers why trustlogo’s were not working, why orders could not be processed, etc…

You are right Doug! I am sorry.

I think you will, by now, have a fuller explanation.

One thing for sure… this won’t… cannot… happen again!!!


I agree with the poster above. We have sites which rely on SSL certificates and the recent outages affected us with delays (between 10 and 60 seconds) for each user accessing our sites. After spending many hours during the night tracking down and checking our own web apps, databases, firewalls etc, we found the problem related to the SSL certs themselves.

It seems, and I hadn’t realised this before, that the certs include a URL to a “Certificate Revocation List (CRL)” which lives on Comodos servers. If enabled in the browser (using the “check for server certificate revocation” advanced option), this CRL link will be checked at the start of each session. This option seems to be enabled by default in Windows Vista and certain security levels in IE7. Since the comodo domains were unavailable to me for at least 12 hours, each connection to our server [with this option enabled] was having to timeout trying to connect to Comodo before they could continue to our application.

Obviously with no active support site, I couldn’t find out any information or create a support ticket, and at midnight, there was no answer from the UK support phone line. I eventually got through the next morning and was told it was a hardware failure at a data centre and there was no workaround to the problems I was experiencing and it would be fixed when the servers were back online.

Since then I’ve been able to find out nothing more other than noticing this post on the forums. I gather trust logos etc. were also affected. I’ve always been very happy with Comodo’s services and hope that lessons have been learnt here especially if outages in a single data centre have the potential to affect so many people.

Indeed lessons have learnt and actions have been taken to make sure we never suffer this again!


Very good comments cmhoward.

I’m sure that the Comodo Network Engineers don’t need my 2 cents, but I hope that the ttyl values for the Comodo domains are lowered and critical data is replicated to servers in another datacenter so that rapid fail-over can be implemented should something like this occur again.

It would also be nice if updates would be provided by Comodo so that those who need to can provide their clients information and so we all know that the issue is being worked on.

Thanks for the add’l comments - all agreed.