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Linux, still not used by anyone… How ■■■■■■ linux must be, people don’t even want it when its free… O0 :o

The big problem is compability. People don’t use Linux, because (even with wine) it doesn’t work with millions of applications from Windows. Let’s be honest here, even Mac, which has a great OS, gets just over 5% of the market share. So winodws has a monopoly → applications will be written for windows because it’s the biggest → others can’t keep up → everyone keeps buying windows …

I’m now doublebooting a linux distro and windows 7. Windows for games and apps, Linux for browsing :slight_smile:

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Indeed, Windows is a good OS for games and for people that don’t know any better. If it wasn’t pre-loaded on the vast majority of new PC’s the story might be somewhat different.

Let’s say pc sellers get 50% of the money they sell on OS’s. So from microsoft that would be $104.99 - $199.99. For linux that would be … $0.0000000000000000000000000

So we’ll see each other in a world without money perhaps on linux ;D


Interesting read, one among many:

I see Windows 7 users are getting high.
And there are still many IE6 users…