Receiving datagrams for PC Ip

I set up a local Lan between two PC’s in the same room, using Mocrosoft’s Wizard. I then set up a new trusted zone with Comodo from 192.xx.xx.255 for both PC’s. Lan works ok. But now I am receiving datagrams sent directly to one of my PC’s Ip address. Comodo does block it. What does this mean? Never in the past have I seen in Comodo’s log a datagram being sent to my PC’s IP address. The datagrams are coming from

Are you running any P2P software? This can cause inbond unsolicited connection requets.

Ewen :slight_smile:

No I’m not running any p2p Panic. I sorta think it started about the time I setup up the little LAN. I never get any Datagrams on the other PC. What brothers me is that, it is directed to my machine address IP. But of course Comodo always blocks it They are recorded by comodo as ICMP.

Check the “ICS” setting. CFP installed as a gateway on mine, even though the machine wasn’t. Also, don’t trust networks. It implies both machines can send any connections to the other. Even when they shouldn’t.

Thanks Data for the suggestion, will look into that today. My thanks to you Panic also. I may just remove the LAN also, just to see if it stops. I set up the LAN just to see if I could do it. No real need for it.

PS: I noticed even before I set up LAN. Both machines would try to talk to each other. Both machines are connected together thru a 5 port electronic switch to a modem. All wired. But of course Comodo always blocked that.