Receive connection on msn followed by svchost.exe

Hi, I receive connection attempt every time I open chat window of any user in Windows Live Messenger. This happens only when the other user’s display has no picture. After some time opening the chat window, there is Comodo alert popup that you are about to receive connection on msn and the picture shows up in user’s display window if I allow the connection. I think its normal since it initiates direct connection with the user in order for the pic to be loaded on display but I can see one more connection attempt from same ip address to svchost.exe which I think I should be concerned about. With connection attempt to svchost.exe, it doesn’t happen with all the users. It happens when I chat with one user I chat with. I guess it might be that the other person’s computer is infected or the other person is trying to exploit my PC.

I have attached the firewall event pics. The connection attempts are highlighted in the pic. My question is should I be alarmed about receiving connection to svchost.exe or I can safely allow it. I thought maybe it does this because of display picture but I recently read somewhere that svchost.exe should be only for outbound connection.

P.S. Similar connection attempt happened with one more user so I guess that has to do with infected msn or computer and not hacking attempt. By the way I use dial up connection at the moment (no router).

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set a rule for messenger that allows only outgoing traffic (requested things arrive then on your pc, but unrequested things not). if you have fun of making ip adress based rules (for outgoing only too), then it would be better.
everything should run.
generally dont use ingoing rules for normal things (99,9%), all will work.

i can tell you, i use different messengers, and not one of them has the littlest problem while running with only outgoing rules.

if you dont have a “allow ingoing” rule for SOMETHING, you dont have to worry no more to get maybe hacked that easily by everyone.

use the stealth port wizard in comodo, hide me from everyone. then you even dont have to answer questions for ingoing traffic anymore. i am sure you dont need to answer them. i at least have never answered a question, because i never had to see them :smiley: . how annoying it must be, to think about answering totally useless questions for ingoing attempts…