Reboots due to updates two days in a row?

Did CIS updates from both yesterday and today require reboots – I mean both days – for everyone? Or was it just some sort of wackiness on my computer alone?

And if everyone experienced it, then is this business of having to reboot with every day’s (or even every week’s or every month’s) updates going to become a habit? If so, we’ve got a problem, here.

It’s impractical (and an annoyance of biblical proportions) to have to reboot with each – or even most (or even a lot of) – updates. It’ll put me off of CIS so fast that neither of us will know what hit us!

Now, I concede that it could have just been some weirdness with just my machine; maybe Comodo thought that yesterday’s update which required a reboot didn’t take properly or something and so did it again. And as long as it finally took today, that’s fine. Strange things happen. But if this is going to become a habit… well… please tell me it’s not going to become a habit. Or even a relatively frequent occurance. Please.

So, then… what’s the story? Does anyone know?

I was asked to reboot for each update.

Edit: Actually, on the initial 3.9 update, I had to reboot twice. Once for the installer update, then again for the program update. Then another reboot with the .509 release.

Yeah, you’re right, now that I think about it: Two yesterday, one today.

Fine. So then it happened with more than just me…

…which begs the question: Is this going to become a habit? Because, if so, it’s unacceptable.

Anyone know?

I should add: I realize that Comodo is rampng-up to the version 4.x release; and that that’s going to be a real milestone; and that many things about the very core of CIS are going to change as part of it. If all these reboots is just something temporary because so many big things are happening with Comodo ramping up to 4.x, then I can live with that. But I just don’t want all this rebooting to become S.O.P. That would, indeed, be a deal-breaker.

Probably the updates are mostly bug fixes. Can’t blame comodo for fixing the bugs too fast :slight_smile: They are very quick in fixing bugs (although I’m sure it’s based on priority because I’m sure they got like a millions things to do :wink: )

I personally don’t care about the reboots, I just uncheck the restart checkmark and not bother restarting it until I’m done with what I need to do on computer.

I do that sort of thing, too… and with more than just Comodo… but I just don’t want Comodo’s developers to fall under the misimpression that too much of it is okay. Updates need to happen passively… as much as possible.

I got into this with the folks who make SPYWARE BLASTER, too. For a while there, only spyware database updates happened smoothly, automatically, passively, behind-the-scenes using the built-in updater; but for every actual software update, one would have to close the product and then use the browser to go download a completely new copy, then install it. That was (and if they’re still doing it, then is) ridiculous!

This CIS reboot thing is akin to that. I realize that it’s still happening within CIS’s built-in updater… and that’s at least a good thing (better than SPYWARE BLASTER)… but it’s still a huge pain-in-the-rear to have to reboot after an update.

That said, I’m not an idiot (er… well… my ex-wife begs to differ, of course… but that not withstanding), I realize that if the update is to pieces of the software which run as services or as TSRs, then, of course, one may need to reboot in order to make the updates take. And that’s fine as long as it doesn’t become S.O.P., just generally. That’s all I’m saying.

I have no problem with the reboots. As has been said, you can choose to delay them. Usually the reason for a reboot is that registry values have or will be changed and a reboot is always required in such cases to reload the registry. Reboots never hurt a system. They always make mine run faster than it was before. When I am about to enter a gaming session, I almost always do a reboot first to refresh everything. Reboots are not evil.

of course, one may need to reboot in order to make the updates take. And that's fine as long as it doesn't become S.O.P., just generally. That's all I'm saying.
I agree 100% In fact, I don't know anyone that can tolerate doing almost daily reboots.

I reboot almost every day anyway. Sometimes more than once.

I reboot at least once every day as well.

Those updates required reboots since they were updating the core program, which is deeply entwined with windows. I don’t think there is any firewall/antivirus that does not require a full system reboot on a program update.

As was said, the first to updates were to update the updater, and then CIS. The second update was to fix an urgent bug in the first update which prevented the virus definition updates.

Normally you should get an update requiring a reboot only once every few months.

Quick? ??? Yes, they were quick to fix the bugs that were BSOD’ing people and the wrong URL for virus DB updates, but I was floored at all the simple bugs in 3.8 that just sat unfixed for so long…

As for the reboots, the rapid-fire reboot for the initial 3.9 was a bit annoying, but I don’t mind the occasional reboot when upgrading.

Wow… how quickly this thread went off point.

No one has professed the value of daily rebooting of desktops, and at least weekly rebooting of servers, more than have I… and for all of my 32 year IT career. Whenever I see a posting somewhere wherein a guy talks proudly about how many days, weeks or months his desktop machine has been running without a reboot, I just shake my head in disbelief and mumble under my breath something along the lines of “what an idiot.”

But this isn’t about that.

With desktops, I believe in daily rebooting, at minimum, truth be known. I just want to the the only entity to decide when. Or why. Or how.

Nothing anyone has written here changes my position: CIS should not force a reboot after an update unless there is simply no other way. Period.

It has nothing to do with the wisdom of daily (or even more often) rebooting. It has to do with how software should or should not behave. That’s the subject of this thread. Please don’t turn it into something it’s not.

Okay but it seems to me that if an update changes registry values or something in the program that has to be loaded into memory, it would seem to me that a reboot would have to be necessary, at least in the case of the registry values. Maybe they could program into the update a restart of just the software package itself if it is only program files that have changed.

The reboots still don’t bother me though. I am always surprised when an update of one of my apps does not tell me to reboot. It just seems to be the usual situation that a reboot is required.

I don’t have a problem with anything you’ve written here. If a reboot is necessary, then it’s necessary… I just don’t want to see Comodo head down a wrong road, that’s all. I was hoping my SPYWARE BLASTER (SB) example would have made more clear the sort of thing I fear. There was simply no reason for SB to have behaved that way. The programmers were obviously only concerned with their convenience, and not the end users’. That sort of thing always troubles me.

And I agree with you regarding apps that install but surprise when they don’t require reboot. I’ve been known to reboot anyway (usually not, mind you… but sometimes). But that’s with a brand new (to a machine) app on a first install. Once installed, it is the job of products like CIS to be in the background, not making a spectacle of themselves.

Calm down and listen please.
This is what happened.

1.CIS V.507 rolled out.
2.there were some issues with V.507
3.V.508 rolled out with fixed issues.
4.But some people had BSOD with V.508
5.V.509 rolled out with fixed BSOD issue.

That’s why you had to reboot your PC.

But why rebooted?
As you know,
CIS is not the normal antivirus and firewall software CIS is a firewall software based on HIPS.
It means CIS controls all of your files including system files that should have the authority to access system files,
protected files, registiry by Windows system.
After install CIS in your system, CIS is higher position than Windows.
(windows is under CIS control from now on)
After you modify your system file and system registry(not normal softwares), you have to reboot your system.

In case of Commercial servers, if there are system file and registry changes it has to be rebooted to effect on system.
Think about IIS, UNIX, APACHE etc.
And Snort, Honypot.
If you have a forum in your server, you can just restart your forum after change forum core files.
But if you have a firewall in your server, you need to reboot your server.
And if you have any updates for your server, you need to reboot your server.
If you have any experiences about server system, you can understand what I’m talking about.


In my 52 years (as of this writing) of life, I’ve rarely seen a group of more uncareful readers. Either that, or Creasy didn’t bother to read the thread and just decided to respond to the thread-starting post…

…and even that, sloppily.

After 32 years in IT, does anyone really think I don’t know when and why a machine might need to be rebooted after a software install and/or update?


For the last time, if a reboot is necessary, then fine.

When it comes to updates, Comodo just needs to make sure that it doesn’t go a way akin to the laziness of the SPYWARE BLASTER (SB) development team (and in this case, I stress the word “akin” since even if Comodo starting rebooting CIS with every update, that wouldn’t be precisely what the SB team does… as an even sloppy reading of this thread would clearly reveal). That’s all I’m saying.

Comodo no more needs to force a reboot with every update than Javacool Software (SB’s maker) needs to have the user close SB and go manually download and install a new copy every time there’s a version update. The latter is laziness on the part of SB’s developers… ostensibly to save them the trouble of writing an internal updater which actually has a little intelligence to it. Three CIS reboots in two days simply made me wonder if someone at Comodo was getting similarly lazy… and so my point was that I hoped that Comodo wasn’t headed down that sort of road. If so, that would be a dealbreaker.

If CIS needed to reboot three times in two days, then fine… it needed to reboot three times in two days. As long as CIS’s development team makes it policy to only require a reboot when, in fact, a reboot is absolutely necessary, then everything is fine.

I don’t know how much clearer I could be.

And, Creasy… next time you feel the urge to tell me to calm down and then talk to me like I’m a three-year-old, try reading the entire thread first. As long as you do that, then I guess you can chime-in and be as condescending as you like.

Added via edit a few minutes later…

That said, I do realize that at least a part of Creasy’s message is in direct response to my asking if anyone knows the story about why… and that part is appreciated. Thank you.

In fact, wait… now that I think bout it, it’s all appreciated. Creasy’s just trying to provide information; I should not hold it against him if all he had time to do was read the thread-starting post and respond to it and just move on. That’s better than nothing, I guess.

And with that, hasn’t this thread just about outlived its usefulness. I’ve made my point. Creasy has deftly filled us in with what, precisely happened (and from that, it seems likely that Comodo hasn’t suddenly gotten lazy, as SB’s developers did… as I feared). So…

…then we’re all done here, right? No? Yes?

In my 52 years (as of this writing) of life, I've rarely seen a group of more uncareful readers.

If this is true, you need to wriggle out from underneath that rock you have been living under.

It's impractical (and an annoyance of biblical proportions) to have to reboot with each -- or even most (or even a lot of) -- updates.

If you truly feel that this is indeed a “biblical” annoyance, wow… don’t wriggle from that rock, run, Forest, run!

It seems your real issue is with Spyware Blaster, Lord knows you mentioned it often enough. Please keep your fruit straight and don’t compare apples and oranges. CIS is a different animal than SB (Yes, I’m aware of your eons in the IT field, blah blah blah). You seem so gosh-darn sure of what Comodo developers should or should not be doing, as it suits you. Suggestions and critiques are welcome, I’m sure, but your attitude is very condescending and not helpful.

I only registered and responded because of your impudence in lumping all readers of this forum as “uncareful” [sic]. And I assume you mean uncaring and not dangerous. Despite your condescending tacked-on pseudo-apology, I have been a passive reader on Comodo’s forums for some time and have always enjoyed the help and suggestions so many people give. Please play nicely with us 3 year-olds or else you may be happier haunting Spyware Blaster’s forums. Adios!