Reboots and Nags

I’m not going to moan about the usual stuff as I think Comodo knows whats wrong with the 2013 edition of its software.

An extremely annoying feature in Windows 7 was intentionally removed from Windows 8, Microsoft knew how stupid and annoying it was for everyone. The nags after updating to reboot. 15 minutes or 4 hours, go away from your pc and watch it automatically reboot.

Microsoft listened and resolved this as the only decent feature of Windows 8. Then some freaking genius at Comodo decides to add this feature in the new version of Comodo’s software suites.

What the hell were you guys thinking?
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Hi and welcome WrexRiot,
You are not going to moan about the usual stuff but you need something to moan about even if it is trivial, correct? 88)

It is not uncommon for systems to require a reboot after an update, some updates are to cover vulnerabilities.

What would you like to do, postpone the update indefinitely and possibly leave systems vulnerable?

Comodo is a security company, with security in mind.


I can’t vouch for certain what Comodo may be thinking but your negative and antagonising contribution has me thinking about locking this. Locked.

Unfortunately there has been some misunderstanding between the opening poster ‘WrexRiot’ and some Moderators myself included.

It was not anyone’s (Mod or WrexRiot) intention to come across as rude or disruptive in any way.

Apologies have been exchanged and all misunderstandings resolved privately. :-TU

Thanks from Captainsticks. :slight_smile: