rebooting after CAVS install ( I gave it a try after all..)

guess what, this morning I decided to give CAVS 2.0.57 a try on my PC. Oh god!!!

Installation was ok (said yes to building the user’s profile database)
Then I rebooted, got stuck half-way after winlogon.

Rebooted again, with F8 and last known good config, loged in
and watched the database beeing built. When it was over I wanted to close
the dialog box, and the pc just froze, as a response.

So I rebooted again, impossible to login.
Rebooted one last time, went into safe mode, disabled cavs service
and uninstalled CAVS from there.

my experience with cavs was short, but hot! (:LGH)

what other programs di you have installed?

spyware terminator (loaded)
avg-antivirus unloaded (resident shield was off)

you probably will say that conflicts occured between cavs and other security software installed on my pc…ok for the conflicts, but not to the extend that a pc becomes totally unable to boot.

The on-access scan of spyware terminator must be the problem. It happened to me with NOD32. :wink:
Check this out,4363.msg32702.html#msg32702

I’m sure that this is the problem. On my pc it gived instant BSOD everytime I tried to activate the on-access scanner of NOD32 ;D

yes NOD32 caused a BSOD with CAVS. The guys are working on a resolution on this. It may be the same issue, if it is then should be fixed with the next update where we have this fix, if not we have to check it further.

actually I have had quite a few bsod since I installed Spyware Terminator (with HIPS on). I’m gonna watch the topic you told me about, and tomorrow I will try to reinstall CAVS, of course after I have temporarily removed ST from my system. Thanks for the tips.


the problem with having more than one HIPS product is they all fight for the control of the kernel by trying to hook it, and create instability…
so you need to be careful in not mixing your HIPS :slight_smile:

I had the same issue, but after i’d de-activated (but not de-installed) ST. Removal is your best option.

The latest version of ST has some “issues”, and company are aware of it… anyway. Meanwhile I’ve been testing Windows Defender - in its latest beta form. Seems stable and gives no trouble. However, it does not seem to catch some of the things that ST used to…e.g. a media player from a DVD trying to install on my hard disc. With ST I used to get a warning before the installer had a chance to do anything. With WD I get the “do you wish to install” screen, which means that something has had a chance to run. OK so it is a legit program, but I guess this tells me that WD doesn’t have HIPS like ST? (Hey, do I sound like I know what I’m talking about? well, I don’t!)

Anyway, enough waffle… waiting for a HIP(S) life with a stable version of CAVS / CPF.

running: Antivir, Windows Defender, CPF

hi littlemac,

you posted a message for me in another topic (locked now cause resolved), cause you thought that ST with HIPS on might cause a slowdown with cpf. Good news is that the latest 2 beta releases of cpf don’t give me ressource issues anymore anyway, even with ST + hips. Other than that ST gives me no problem at all. I’ve had some bsods recently, but I think they were related to SSM (System safety Monitor), and because I made some mistakes with it.

concerning cavs I will try to reinstall it without Spyware Terminator installed on my system.It is late now in France and and don’t want to risk anything now. I’ll do that tomorrow.

hi Melih,

you’re probably right about issues coming from having more than one HIPS installed on a system. The thing is that HIPS is pretty new in the world of computers running windows, and it’s like
you want to try playing with new toys. For instance I’ve got at the moment 2 HIPS installed on my system; although I’m quite aware that I will have to get rid of one of them anytime soon, I still keep both installed…at least until cpf 3.0 comes out. (R)

Thanks for the PM, Apache. Just thought I’d mention it, in case that might be contributing/had contributed. Sometimes order of install makes a difference, too…

I have both CAVS w/HIPS and CyberHawk. I have not experienced conflicts thus far, but CyberHawk does add a little to the resources that was not there with just CAVS 2.x I installed CH after CAVS was already well in use, so I would know what to expect if there might be issues… I tried Prevx1 and that just did not work. System froze so hard it took the rest of the day to thaw it out… :wink:

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you retrying CAVS w/ST uninstalled, and reinstalling that after. Hopefully all will go well.


thanks Littlemac, but I think I will wait for the final version to be released, and see how stable it is, before I try again to install CAVS 2 on my sytem.