Reboot Required Update?


I’m a bit confused about CIS updates that require a reboot.

Based upon a thorough search of the Comodo web site and forums, it is my understanding that ‘reboot required’ updates are ones that are software updates, and signature updates do not require a reboot.

The last software update was on 28 Oct 2008 (version 427). However, since the v427 auto update was done to my system, I have had three additional auto updates which required a reboot (the most recent one was today).

Is this a bug???


mmm, sounds weird. Since my install of last version of CIS, and the virus definition updates thereafter, i never had a request to reboot…

Sorry i can’t help you any further. Hopefully the techies around here can

Brgds, mack


No response from any of the Comodo techies out there??? ???


PS…Thanks for the insight Mack!

I would not class myself as a techie.
As far as I know there has been only one signature update that required a reboot as it was a large if not all of the sigs. update.
There has been continual updates of CIS reported by some members but it usually asks to do the update for this to happen.
If your problem persists with signature auto updates could you please post a bug report Here with your system details and other processes you may have running.
Thank you

There are two types of Virus database updates. The one is merging updates when New Virus signatures are just added to the existing bases.cav and the other is complete base updates when the bases.cav is completely replaced with the new version.

Complete base updates need reboot.

Thanks for the explanation AS!


I’m glad that you have received the explanation you required. I’ll close this topic now. If you should encounter further problems, PM an online moderator with a link to this topic so that he can open it.