Reboot fails during virus database update

When attempting to reboot (Turn Off and Restart) Windows XP, after the desktop was cleared to just the wallpaper image, CIS popped up a dialog saying ‘wait while the virus database was being updated’. I clicked OK and was left with just the wallpaper image indefinitely. I waited several minutes to be sure (and later verified the virus database update had completed). I finally used Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) to gracefully continue the reboot, something that ordinary users wouldn’t know to do (most likely using power off instead, possibly corrupting the virus database).

I consider this a serious bug (at least Severity Level 2). CIS should:

  • always keep the user informed of what’s happening
  • not leave the user with a screen of just the wallpaper image
  • automatically resume any system operation (like reboot) it interrupts

This is normally implemented by:

  • FALSE response to a WM_QUERYENDSESSION Message (through RegisterServiceCtrlHandlerEx Function for services)
  • deferring operations (like database update) until after the reboot

Lastly, I would hope CIS uses rollback or similar technology to ensure the virus database isn’t ever corrupted by a system crash or other interruption.

OS information: Microsoft Windows XP
OS version: 5.10.2600 Service Pack 3
Processor: x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 6
Memory: 1,571,696 kb