reboot after upgrade ends always with hanging system


some days ago I upgraded from 5.0 to 5.3 from scratch. Since than I did unistall and again install 5.3 3 more times, because I had a feeling that Comodo is slow, some times it also shows me that is should be closed because of a bug (?!?!) and so on.
All of my tries to install 5.3 ended in same way: Installation process runs normal, and ends with success. Then it promts me to reboot. PC starts and when it comes to desktop an dshows it icons it hangs down, nothings is possible and I have to reset. After the reset and the new reboot runs OK.
I dont thing this is normal… maybe all of the issues desscribed in the second sentence are connected to this.

When uninstalling I tried using Revo Uninstaller. Surprisingly there was no Comodo listed in the install programms , even when I checkt the option all installations to be displayed. How is this possible??? In the Add/Remove Programms Comodo is displayed.

what to do?

Windows 7 64 bit

Please try the methods I describe in this article.

As for Revo I have also noticed that on my system, which is Windows 7 64 bit, CIS doesn’t show up. I think that’s on Revo’s end.

that is what I was and am doing every time when uninstalling. Thats why I wrote about RevoUninstaller;new

I had this problem on 64 bit windows 7. The quickest way I found to solve the problem was boot in safe mode, Create another user account. Reboot normally and open this new user account. You’ll find it shouldn’t freeze, uninstall and re-install Comodo and it should solve the problem.