Reboot after every definition install... why?


I downloaded CIS 2013, and after liking what I saw actually paid for the license. Now I regret it… this is NOT appropriate antivirus software for a small home business due to the constant requirement to reboot after updating the virus definitions. I was using AVG for years, and it never required a reboot after a definitions update, why does Comodo require this?

I’ve seen other mentions of this, but people seem to think it’s not annoying. Well, I find it annoying, and I PAID for the license, my opinion should matter.

As to WHY it’s annoying, I’ll humor everyone… Like I said, I have a very small home-based business.

  1. I often work on my website & leave the editor open for days as I tweak the page(s).
  2. I also keep Notepad open with a list of ideas I want to implement.
  3. It steals time from my day.

The editor is not so bad, notepad is… do you know how many .txt files I have had to save for really no valid reason?


Wait, are you saying that each time CIS updates the virus definitions it has to reboot? ???

How many times has CIS rebooted in this way for you and how do you know it’s due to the virus definitions updating?

This is certainly not normal behavior, and actually not one I have read about. I can tell you 100% that this does not happen on my computer. If it did, and was intended behavior, I’d have to disable the AV component and use a different AV.

Did you allow CIS to run the quick scan and restart your computer once it was done? If not this could possibly be causing issues and you should do this now.

This is definitely not intended behavior, and is either due to a bad installation or is a bug. Please answer my above questions and we’ll get to the bottom of this.

Thank you.

I definitely let it run the full scan after installing (I’ve been in IT for nearly 20 years, so we can get technical).

I can’t remember how long ago I installed it, but it’s been at least a month. It’s been installed long enough that I’ve had 3 or 4 updates so far (1 of them being a new version update, so I expected a possible reboot).

It asks me to reboot after every new definition update, 2 or 3 times so far.

I’ve also noticed that if you leave it on gaming mode accidentally, it seems to not update itself automatically. When you take it off gaming mode, it then says it’s out of date & does the update routine. I can’t say for sure as this hasn’t happened enough times for me to say it is definitively so. This may be expected behavior though, and one of the ‘features’ of gaming mode.

Info about my system:
Windows 8 64-Bit, fully updated.
CIS Pro 2013 v.6.1.275152.2801, DB v.16195
PC: Homebuilt Intel Core i3, 8GB RAM, Gigabyte Mobo, eVGA vid card, 2x WD Black 1TB HD


I believe it will ask to reboot after it installs program updates, which should only be done after you allow.

When CIS checks for definition updates it also checks for program updates. Thus, I would expect that all downloaded program updates also correspond with downloaded definition updates.

If you say this has happened about 2 or 3 times within the last month or so, this would roughly correspond with the number of program updates issued. Could this be what you are experiencing?

Does it ask you whether you would like to reboot or not, or does it just automatically reboot the computer?

It asks. Is there a log I can check to see if it’s updating versions as well as definitions when I reboot?

While I appreciate that you guys are on top of things & updating the program regularly, 2-3 new version updates a month is a bit excessive if it’s going to require a reboot. Don’t you think?

I mean, it costs small business’ time… and interferes with my thought process when I’m in the middle of things that are going to take days for me to tweak (which is why I keep notepad open with ideas & thoughts).


Wow, time flys! Apparently, I’ve used 81 days of my license and it was installed 2-3 weeks prior to that as the free version.

OK, while typing this I just got a Comodo popup telling me updates are ready to be installed… meanwhile I just rebooted this PC (an hour ago?) after installing updates… What the heck?!


OK, so that was a version update to 6.1.276867.2813. I suppose it may very well be that I’m getting version updates with the definition updates & not realizing it when it requires the reboot.

Have there been 3-4 program updates in the last 81 days? Again, while I appreciate up-to-date software, the frequency seems a bit much. Can’t an incremental upgrade just replace files using shadow copy & VMM so that a reboot isn’t required? I mean this is windows 7 not windows 95.


Yes, there have been right around that number of program updates. There have been a huge number of bugs fixed since the new version was released.

It would be nice to allow it to update without requiring a reboot, but I believe that all of these program updates included updating processes running deep within the system. I’m sorry, I actually don’t know all the details. It appears that you understand much more about how updating could be done than I do.

If it was possible to update without requiring a reboot I would support that, but as I understand it the reboot is required for security applications such as CIS.

The internet has at least two sides.
Many people were waiting for updates (for valid reasons like problems), and they thought, “Too long” :wink:

When another product gets program updates, i expect a reboot.

You could manually update the program, and get automatic antivirus updates (I hope thats possible in V6).

One thing about the game mode…
DONT use it.
Its trainings mode… and trainings mode is like “allow everything for all what is running AND create rules to allow all that for all future”.
Even disabling the whole security thing would be “more safe” than using the game mode. Because if you enable the security again, you would be safe :wink:

WOW!! I did not know that, I thought it was just less resource intensive, so that when I edit photo/video I’d have more resources to work with… WOW!!

This button surprises me too, still…
as it has been explicitely said in the manual of trainingsmode:
Only use trainings mode when you are SURE that the files on your computer are safe!

Now you enable this dangerous mode when you are “gaming”… by choosing game mode.

Dangerous and does not make sense (it sounds temporary, which it isnt).

Hmmm… this was one of the features that prompted me to pay for the license… very misleading & somewhat dishonest if you ask ME… :-\

Av definition updates won’t need a reboot, as for program updates. You can go in the options and untick check for program updates. That way you can do it whenever you want at your convenience.

You pay the license for the additional services.

But related to the feature that you wanted to have:
The antivirus can be statefull. So it does not re-scans often. In the all day working scenario this will have the effect that you want to have (check the antivirus settings).
The game mode/trainings mode is only for people who dont want to answer any question, while want to let all run.

But the name of the button is misleading. I can tell you.