Reassurance Help

How about using this thread for some positive input from users who have no problems? I would think the Help section is the right place, but if the thread needs to moved that’s fine, just as long as some reassurance is added each day in it. I have read some reassuring things in the ThreatFire forum in which happy TF users are also using Comodo Pro with Defense+ enabled and reporting everything is running smoothly. Next anyone?

Seems lately there’s hardly a day goes by that I’m not in here lookin’ for some help with this thing*…but I’m passing all the leak tests, and wouldn’t have it any other way. (V)
As I type this I’m experiencing no problems whatsoever.

*I’m not the sharpest bulb in the shed though.

I absolutely love V3. I’ve been using Comodo firewall since one of the first betas . Remember “Launch Pad” ? Except for minor bugs, the only real problems I’ve had were my own fault. But I can see why people are having such problems. It only takes a wrong answer to Defense+ to lose control of ones system.

I think some users are jumping into the deep end of the pool without first learning to swim. I believe that even if V3 was perfect with no bugs, that many users would still have problems. I’d love to see more users making disk images or have some other good backup routines. Maybe it would have been good to leave 2.4 as the regular download and V3 offered as an advanced option. At least until there was a more seamless way of turning on and off advanced functionality. I don’t know.

Boy, this post has taken me forever. I keep deleting paragraphs because they sound too condescending or like I’m blaming the user. I can see why it would be difficult for Melih and the developers to decide how to roll out something as advanced as Comodo Firewall Professional and yet get a lot of backlash from users.

I think if more users would make use of Disk Imaging software like True Image, Ghost, or even the free Drive ImageXML, they could explore great software like V3 without the worry of hosing their systems if they make a mistake.

I’m sure some people have had problems and conflicts that are no fault of there own and that’s a bummer. It just seems from reading posts for a long time on the forum, that some users are installing an advanced app with no thought of doing backups first.

As far as positive feedback goes. I’d say that if I could choose to have only one application “paid or free” other than the operating system, I would choose Comodo Firewall. :BNC

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Wow. I know it’s only been a few days, but I really thought this thread would fill up with satisfied Comodo users who would help give some needed reassurance to use Comodo Pro with confidence. The number one meaning of reassurance is. To restore confidence to. Guess what? This aint happenin.

I think the large majority of users who have no problems don’t read or post in the help section. There are many such posts in the feedback forum and in the higher level forums sponsored by Melih. And even in a few of the other threads here.

is this thread only for CFP3 users or other Comodo product as well?
*used CAVS2 BETA: got problem on uninstallation & removable disk problem, no too bad :-TU
*BOC4.25 : :-TU
*CFP2 & 3 : :-TU no problem.

I like the program a lot, and have been using v3.0.14.276 on XP SP2 for about 2 months. The one issue I wish would be fixed is, but it’s a managable issue. CFP works smoothly for me :slight_smile: