Reasons to upgrade from 3 to 4 ?

i’m a happy user of comodo firewall version 3, i love new things but i am in lack of time for testing, migration scenarios, etc
since a while it prompts me to upgrade to v4.
could someone who’s been happy as well with v3 let me know what reasons he chose to upgrade and also if there was anything he missed from v3 along with the upgrade?

many many thanks in advance !


There are many differences of Firewall between versions 3 and 4, for example new integrated Sandbox and many other thinks are improved. You can see latest release notes: Release notes.

You can download latest version from here: Firewall Download | Best Firewall Security software for Windows

Thanks, but Ovidiu you are simply pointing to official statement; I was expecting impressions from similar users* about upgrade - maybe I have not expressed myself clearly :slight_smile: - general feel about new interface and speed, missing or changed features or user interface usability, possible new ways of doing old things.
I should have also note that I am only going to install the firewall part (I’m actually using only the outgoing control) and I am not interested/impressed by A/V, sandbox and so on.

  • similar user= someone happy with v3

Essentially the largest difference I see between V3 and V4 is that V4 is much more a good / bad program.

Let me explain. With CIS V3 it prompts you to tell it how to react with many different actions for a file. With V4 you mainly either have the file run limited in the sandbox or you define it as safe and it is no longer limited by Defense+ or the sandbox. Of course you still get the normal alerts from the firewall, unless you make it a safe file, but these are generally few. Defense+ is very silent.

I would strongly advise upgrading to V4 anyway as there have been bug fixes and it is therefore more secure. Personally, I like the behavior of V4, but if you want it to act like V3 you can just disable the sandbox and Defense+ will act just as it did with V3. Some people don’t like the automatic sandbox.

Also, if you have any trouble upgrading to V4 please see this post:

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

costinel- I had also been using CIS v3 Firewall for over a year and was very reluctant to upgrade to v4 because of all the problems other people were having with it, but I took the plunge, installed it on my Vista x32 computer and on 2 different occasions and there were sufficient problems with program conflicts to warrant uninstalling it.

This week I got a new Win 7 x64 and the very first thing I did was to use Revo to uninstall NIS and its 1,400+ instances that had been preinstalled by HP and install the trusted v3 Comodo Firewall Pro. Much to my surprise v3 created a number of program conflicts and I replaced it with the latest update of Comodo Firewall Pro v4.1 and it works perfectly without any conflict with Sandboxie or any other of my installed programs!


Version 4 is getting all the latest fixes, and that I think is reason enough to upgrade. :-TU And if you like you can have it run just like CIS 3.

CIS 4 has worked better here than version 3 did. In terms of bugs. :stuck_out_tongue:

ok. i have decided to remain on v3 until EOL.
does anyone know URL where would I should check for EOL announcement?

CIS is officially EOL as no more program updates will be there for it.

However AV updates will still work until further notice but will eventually be discontinued. With the upcoming v5 there will be changes in the av definitions format that will more than likely discontinue the av definitions update.

When installing v4 with v3 present the installer will maintain the active configuration of the v3 program. It can be activated under Miscellaneous(v3)/More(v4) → Manage My configurations. This way you can continue to work with your old v3 settings and can try v4 when you feel ready for it.