Realtime protection components are not working. Do you want to fix it now?

I want to fix it every time I restart computer, because that message appears on every system restart (“Realtime protection components are not working. Do you want to fix it now?”)…

I have already:

  1. Clicked on “Yes” button, where it appears to repair installation, then it asks for restart. Then I have already:
    1.1 Performed the restart on some times;
    1.2. I have already performed a no-restart.

  2. Clicked “No” button, then I have already:
    2.1. Gone to add/remove programs and performed a repair and restarted;
    2.1. Gone to add/remove and remove, removed the software and later installed the software and restarted.

On every end of those story end possibilities, that message appears and realtime protection do not work.

Is it some CCAV strike on my computer? ;D

I think it is solved after deleting the folders c:\ProgramData\COMODO and c:\Program Files\COMODO, deleting all registry keys containing values named with COMODO or CCAV, deleting all files named with COMODO or CCAV from c:\windows\system32 and c:\windows\syswow64, installing Comodo Cloud Antivurus Beta and finally installing again Comodo Cloud Antivirus ;D

If you find a short path, please inform me.

As a side effect of the first solution I faced a issue that CCAV could not save preferences. Then I go back on a Windows restore point, uninstall and reinstall it and it is working normally now (I think).