Realtime Protection/ Active

When I see that “Realtime Protection/Active” up on the top right of the Comodo Firewall Interface I hope that just refers to the Firewall. That is all I have installed and I have never seen a firewall setting referred to as "Real Time / Active??
Also I have ESET Nod 32 AV V6.0 installed and it has HIPS protection so what do I do about the HIPS in Comodo?? Should I just uncheck it and let ESET AV take care of the HIPS settings so as not to conflict.

Although I’m not entirely familiar with ESET, I believe you would be better off disabling its HIPS and leaving Comodo Firewall fully activated. That should be a very strong combination.

ESET HIPS won’t really conflict with CIS HIPS as ESET HIPS by default are very weak and still don’t have any rules unless you ‘tweak it’. Having said that you better off disabling ESET HIPS and using CIS HIPS. So just use ESET AV not HIPS.

I am enclosing a Screen of ESET"s setting on HIPS and Defence. Should I disable both of these or just the one. You notice ESET has auto config. for their HIPS rules. Let me know.

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Enable HIPS - Disable it.

Enable Self-Defense - Leave it as it is.