RealTime options: Ask what to do?

Is there a way to make the RealTime detection ask me what it should do if it encounters a suspiscious file?
I don’t mind if it blocks something it deems suspiscious, but I’d like to have a few options on what it should do after that
Namely options to unblock, keep blocking or quarantine

Under Antivirus => “Antivirus Behavior Settings” => “Real Time Scanning” you have the option to change the default action.

click the antivirus tab-> antivirus settings then uncheck “Do not show antivirus alerts”

Actions listed: Block/Quarantine

According to the help files this will be completely opposite of what I want CIS to do

Let me rephrase
When a suspiscious file comes up, I still want this to pop up

But would like it to have a drop down list of what to do with it past the first blocking besides just automatically blocking or automatically deleting

Basically I’m wondering if it can be made to act like a firewall event where it lets the user decide what action is to be taken on a case-by-case basis

from what you described, the option i said to uncheck will do what you want.

uncheck the option is circled in pic 1
then for everything the av detects will show the pop up in pic 2

so you will be able to decide what to do with each file separately.

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Oh geez I’m an idiot…
I was reading that option as the inverse of what it does

its no problem

if you need any other help just let us know