Realtime logging in Firewall Events

I would like to have realtime logging in the “Firewall Events” window.
So it’s not needed to click refresh.

Take a look at Peerguardian. It’s doing it that way.

As I suggested it here:


I want realtime logging in Antivirus, Firewall and Defense+ Events.

I reject this idea : because if Comodo do that, this will have more CPU usage…
-1 :-TD

I doub’t the CPU usage would be much higher → see Peerguardian.
Besides I wouldn’t really mind because you only open the logging window when you need it and don’t let it open all the time.

Outpost do that perfectly, why not COMODO?

I’m not quite like this idea.
Because if you using a BT program or play online games (With f*****g Game Guard Apps) and firewall need to logging all packet and connection.
That will make a firewall working harder and need higher system environment usage.

I think I’m misunderstood here.
This realtime logging you talk about is already implemented.
You can set the “Alert Frequency Level” already (from “very high” to “very low”). Comodo logs all the traffic and saves it without you even recognizing it.
I only wish for the event log window to show the blocks/allows in realtime so I don’t need to press the refresh button all the time.


Strongly agree. Kerio does this very well, as do other firewalls already mentioned in previous posts.

The (slight) CPU usage increase would only occur while the log window is actually open, as has been said.

+1 useful feature in some cases.But not running by default :slight_smile: It might eat a lot of memory.