RealPlayer updater accesses the memory of everything

RealPlayer 10 said it had to connect to Internet to download sw to play a .3gp file I had launched, so I allowed that with CFP ( After the update process ended, Defense+ started a sequence of popups saying that the RealPlayer updater was accessing the memory of this and that applications installed in my PC. This went on for minutes, showing tenths of apps being accessed. I’m not sure I had all those apps open, I think it accessed even apps that weren’t opened, just installed (I’m not 100% sure about that, however they were a lot, several tenths). Is this normal ??

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Hi SantiBailors

Real Player does like to access the internet. You can change the rule for it in Firewall Application rules to “ask” and log. That way you will be asked to allow it to access the internet.


I had exactly the same thing. I assume is it normal but why is real player doing this?

maybe you should read this article from Softpedia

RealPlayer Is Badware, Consumers Say - Unwanted installs are a given

& its better to use codecs from other free or open-source like KLite codec pack

Thanks for the link isaac, I knew by rumors that RealPlayer is badware, for that reason I had walled it up with CFP, then I just allowed the updater to run in that single occasion and boy, it seems it didn’t waste that opportunity 88) …

BTW the thing that most surprised me was the scan it seems to have done on so many applications… I tend to think that it’s none of its business, but apparently I’m wrong :THNK

I had the KLite codec pack installed, nonetheless RealPlayer said it had to connect to the Internet to play that .3gp file.

An alternative to Real Player, is Media Player Classic, available from

No, you need Real Alternative; it includes the real-codec and MPC :

[QUOTE]you need Real Alternative
Wow, wow! 8) I didn’ know that. The wows are after reading their web page and before installing it, but it looks great. I’m going to download it now, thanks.

Real Player Alternative rox!! Can play rm files even in WMP!!!

I installed Real Alternative, I have a few small problems but the biggest is the one I posted on their forum: [QUOTE]I used to have Real Player 10 as the default for mms streams. Then I uninstalled it and installed Real Alternative. When I click in Firefox on a link which is a mms stream, I see that the default app for that is still set to Real Player, which isn’t on the system anymore.

So, how do I set MPC to be the default player for mms streams ? I looked in all the menus but I couldn’t understand how to do that.
I’m not getting any replies, so if someone here can give me some opinions about that problem I’d appreciate a lot, because if I can’t solve it I’ll have to reinstall Real Player, which I’d rather gladly avoid…

I had Defense+ BLOCK realsched.exe from entering \Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, it’s a start-up registry which caused real player to pop-up as soon as windows started.

I couldn’t get it, I had auto updates, schedules, messages, notifiers, everything unchecked, but as soon as I deleted the entry and launch real player, the entry would come back in. So I blocked it!

Never had this issue with any other program.

I don’t think Real Player is alone in this, lot’s of programs like to access the internet all the time (not good in my opinion - but I guess it’s all down to how much you trust them).

Adobe reader (for pdf files) is another one that likes to do this.
Replaced it with Foxit now, much better and quicker than the bloated Adobe.

Of course Windows Media Player also likes to do this.

They all try and put start-up programs on your computer and search for updates every time you reboot.

A program such as Winpatrol is handy for getting rid of the start-up entries; it will enable you to disable them (rather than remove them) and you can always enable them again if it causes a problem to your system.

Who knows how much Spyware is associated with these type of programs; anyone’s guess!


Hey Mike I actually use Ashampoo Start Up Manager and it works great. MSconfig is too general.

MikeG and Vettetech you are both correct, but even if adobe places a registry entry, once you delete the entry and uncheck the “auto update” feature, the entry won’t bother you ever again!

RealPlayer is frustrating! Everytime I launch it, everytime it wants to mess up with the registry.
Look at the print screen…

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OK, don’t ask me why I thought Real Alternative can play MMS streams ;D ; it might be because in the options window there is an item about streaming. But it’s for rtsp:// protocol (Real-Time Streaming Protocol).
Nothing actually suggests that mms:// protocol is supported, and I don’t see any menu item to open a stream.

So I won’t reinstall Real Player, I’ll keep Real Alternative (MPC) only for Real Media related file formats and I’ll use something else (I guess VLC) for MMS streams.

I actually never Real Player nor do I have to.

So I won't reinstall Real Player, I'll keep Real Alternative (MPC) only for Real Media related file formats and I'll use something else (I guess VLC) for MMS streams.
Yes VLC is very good albeit very basic; but it does the job well without bells, whistles and big GUI's. :) Have it installed here. Mike.