RealPlayer downloader not working

I can’t get the RealPlayer downloader to work at all in Comodo Dragon. The icon appears and works fine in Chrome and Firefox but won’t even show up in Dragon. Realplayer is enabled and even checked for always allowed, still nothing. I have even reloaded RealPlayer onto my computer to make sure there wan’t something wrong with the installation. Suggestions?

I have the same problem with RealPlayer. Instead I copy the video URL I want to download and paste/open it on RealPlayer browser (Figure 1).

I use an alternative application to download videos, SpeedBit Video Downloader (Figure 2), although in some cases it will not work so I still turn to Figure 1.

Figure 1 RealPlayer Browser
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Figure 2 Download Videos using SpeedBit Video Downloader
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Download: SpeedBit Video Downloader and Converter

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