really, where do i send diagnostic reports

ok, where do i send a report that means absolutely nothing to me if i cannot attach it as a file here?
having a bit of trouble with

this program hasn’t been working properly since i installed it, i dont like programs that auto update and need to know how to shut that feature OFF. i prefer manual updates. also diagnostic tool would not fix the file i suspect because it was never installed with the rest of the program. i went to 8 different sites after the Cnet sight failed 3 separate times. i have uninstalled/ reinstalled with antivirus and firewall turned off. i also went into administrator mode to try and tweak a download but it seems you cant get an incomplete program to work no matter how hard you try.

everyone i know, who has more knowledge of computers than i do, has recommended this program to me. they tell me its the best program for x64 bit systems, they just tell me it’s not very user friendly. i do have to say the program isn’t ringing my bell so far.

You can put the diagnostics file inside a .zip file and then attach the .zip file.

If you believe you have found a bug the best thing to do is create a bug report in this section of the forum.

Be sure to follow the format provided in this post and attach all requested attachments.

Thank you.