Really sorry for the uninstallation issue.

COMODO has posted the below response to many, many people who ended up with trashed drives after an install or uninstall. Their response is a simple cut and paste. No effort, no thought, no solution.

[i]Really sorry for the uninstallation issue.
It is a known issue of 157 release and we are working on this.
Please plug your hard disk into another computer to get your data back.

It will be fixed in next release.

We are doing our best to deliver a great product for all of you.


Why don’t you take the download down since the HDD crash is a known problem? You know this software destroys DDD’s and you leave it up. No warning, nothing.
There is no excuse for this reckless behavior. Especially from a company with your niche

I’m curious as to what is the cause of this destruction, especially since it affects some and not others?

I have posted a question which may get at what is happening here.

Question: Does CTM change or write to the MBR or Track 0 during installation or normal operations? This could cause the same issues users of the old Norton Roxio GoBack program ran into, with similar trashing of the drive upon uninstallation.

Just a question right now – not a suggestion that this actually occurs with CTM.

It is my understanding that CTM makes changes to the MBR. This is necessary to restore a restore point before the OS loads. When uninstalling CTM through the console, the MBR becomes corrupted making the computer unbootable.
If I’m wrong, Comodo can correct me on this.

You are probably right. Unless the Comodo engineers step in here, I would conclude that CTM does alter MBR information.

There is a related issue, in that Disk Imaging software (like Acronis True Image) has to be specially rigged to deal with CTM. That’s a deal-breaker for me.