Really did like the firewall but !!!

I really did want to like this firewall but i’m sorry to say that this program has caused problems
which to me at the moment are not worth the hassle and i have gone to kerio for the foreseeable

i have noticed in task manager a system slowing for firefox when loading pages where the cpu
usage hits 100% for 2 to three second closest kerio gets is around 60% and sygate was even lower,

have been unable to connect on several occasions to my adsl ISP where sygate connected on my
other pc first time,

the failing of firewall tests but after a complete uninstalling and a reinstall of the latest versions
the same firewall tests were passed even though the same default settings were used both times even though this is supposed to be the safest out of the box firewall and passes all leak tests?

to be honest at the moment i find that the firewall seems a little buggy at times

I understand that some people here will jump to it’s defence and say that it’s a great product and that it’s free so i should be a little more respectful and i understand that but to be honest if you
were given a free car would you really use it if the brakes were faulty and you no longer trusted it

I shall keep an eye on this product but for now


Edit: can i also just say that the difference between loading of pages is longer using comodo
than sygate which i have on a secondary machine only a few seconds for adsl but would think
that it would be a more larger noticeable difference with dial-up