really annoying problem

well i can’t seem to restore my image of my hard disk. whenever i try to restore it, it looks like its working for 1 second then flash windows startup screen. I’ve tryed to do the restore from my external hard drive 4 times already and every time I’ve had to restore windows because it messes up the files on my hard disk. so please give me a well thought out idea because it is pretty time consuming to restore windows 7 over and over again. if anyone has heard of this problem before and knows a solution please tell me. it would be really appreciated. Do you think it could be a problem with my external hard drive because if it is I have another one I could use, but I’m pretty sure this is a software problem.


Was there time to see if anything was printed on the screen before it crashed? An error message maybe.

Thank you.

I’m thinking this issue/thread is related to a question I had.
Is it necessary or even recommended to set up a partition before backing up data w/ Comodo?

It’s not necessary, but you should have a partition (separate than disk/partition you are trying to backup) on an internal disk of your Computer.
This is because some external hard disks are not recognized when restoring at system start-up.