Reality Check?

Hi all,
Are man-in-the-middle attacks really possible? The reason I ask is that in late April I got the distinct and creepy feeling that someone had been intercepting my email, and somehow impersonating me to my clients, and vice versa. When I shut down my email (totally creeped out and not sure what to do) the problem migrated to my VoIP phone service. I got the distinct impression that someone (and I have a hunch I know who) was eavesdropping on some calls, and spoofing others. I run a small business, but I couldn’t find anyone who could help me figure out what was going on, or how it was being accomplished. I finally read about man-in-the-middle attacks at the public library and that seemed to fit. But in the meantime, I’d gotten pretty stressed, and reported the stress to my doctor. She decided I was delusional and had me arrested on a mental health warrant, for “paranoid ideation”. Nothing I said would change her expert opinion. She had me confined to the psychiatric ward–against my will–for three weeks. I now have to take anti-psychotic medication, also against my will (400 mg Seroquel daily). If I don’t comply, she has the authority to send me back to the psych ward. I was just discharged last week and I’m swallowing the stuff because I’d like to enjoy some of my summer. I’m in my late 40s, was a successful freelancer before this, and have never had a psychiatric problem in my life. I’d sign my real name to prove I’m no troll, but I’m pretty embarrassed by this, and hope you’ll cut me some slack tilll I get over it.

Yes it can be done as long as the connections aren’t encrypted or have a weak encryption key (less than 1024-bit) .Or if you have Malware on your system.

IMO Your Doctor knows nothing about internet security.

Hi and thank you.
Yes, both were possible. I was well-protected against attacks from outside, but this was likely an inside-job. It’s a long, surreal story but I’ll spare you the details in this forum. I’m psyching myself up to blog the whole experience.

My doctor is also ok with spontaneously fragmenting hard drives. My investigations had turned up a third partition on my two-partition drive, which explained the “amount of system memory has changed” errors I’d been getting. I suggested that, since human intervention is generally required to repartition a drive, I believed my entire system had been compromised. She “challenged my thinking” until I agreed that “there are probably many other reasons for that third partition to be there.” (That was one of my more creative moments, to be sure.)

A 3rd partition that you haven’t made sounds Suspicious . Hmm I would recommend you follow this guide just in case there is malware on the system.