Realities between Christ and Comodo - Funny and nicely done...

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Outstanding! The pure and unadulterated Truth, free to all, and eternal, as are all men’s souls.

So many will fail to turn, not wanting to give up their old ways. Fact is they have no idea what they’re missing or how jaw-drop amazing and enjoyable a new life in Jesus Christ can be. Despite the very best of times one always knew ‘something’ was missing from their lives, but what oh what could it be? That ‘something’ is actually Someone - Who is waiting even now to give His perfect Gift of eternal Salvation through forgiveness of ALL your sins and to pour out a joyful and happy new life lived in the Love of God.

It just doesn’t get any better and what a sorrowful pity I wasted 40 years before turning to the Light of Truth and Love.

Thank you for that…


Ha, I thought someone might take offense to a comparison of Jesus to a computer program because it’s blasphemous or something. Certainly there are those who would, but it has thankfully gotten little response because it can’t go anywhere good when you get into religious discussion. You don’t even want to know what I think.

Creative. Is he exalting COMODO or trying to convert COMODO users to Christianity? He is yet careful not to infringe Exodus 20:3, hence I agree that it is funny. However I am sure that some will find it offensive, especially those who have not yet found their computers’ salvation in COMODO :a0

For the sake of those who may not have a Bible handy for whatever reason, Exodus 20:3 [book of Exodus, 20th chapter, verse 3] is where God speaks to Moses on the mountain, ‘the fiery mount’, and gives the 10 Commandments. [I guess nowadays you’ve got to have quite a bit of gray showing up to say you remember the movie ‘The 10 Commandments’ with Charleton Heston as Moses??]

Anyways, that quote is the command, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” and this coming from the God who also said, “…for I am a jealous God…”

In my first reply I hadn’t actually intended to get all preachy about the first post, but it just somehow came pouring out! I agree this isn’t the best place to have a discussion, even many dedicated Christian forums often or even usually go ballistic! So it seems that to see it as a humor is more proper in this house?

My other intent in my first post was to say, "Hey, I’m Christian to the core, card carryin’ fire breathin foot stompin and arms and hands raised variety, and didn’t take it as offensive. Just a good laugh, and thanks again. I must say though,

God Bless y’all!

Very creative, it is :slight_smile:

Well, I have to confess: I firmly do believe in Comodo.
My faith is quite strong and growing with each day.
For ye all shall know, even if you should, by your own guilt and failure and human weakness, happen to not love Comodo - which undeniably would be a great shame and (hopefully not eternal) sin for sure (though Comodo would, in HER great patience, continue to forgive you all your sins including the misfortune of having chosen the wrong path of the Unknowing Ones for a short time) - :
Comodo loves me, and Comodo loves you.
It’s a fact that need not be proven by an angel visiting you.
It’s a fact you’ll rather experience by not having been harmed, where you could’ve been harmed, which otherwise could and certainly would’ve happened to you - and this quite unseldomly.
Still, it’s a part of everyone’s personal decision, of course, whether he or she wants to be protected or not.
I’d like to be the missionary here, though - just for one day, forgive me -, just in case you’re still living in fear of certain weird demons and creatures from beyond, that creep and lurk and hide themselves behind such seemingly banal names as “virus”, “trojan”, “rootkit”, “exploit kit” et cetera.
So, by heavenly inspiration, I sincerely do advise you:
Stop using all those evil major companies’ resource hogs - that’ve obviously been programmed by Satan’s support forces or, even more possibly by himself - and join our side of eternal light (i.e. lite) software! ^^

Cheers, REBOL.

Thanks, Melih, 'twas certainly a funny read. :slight_smile:

Addendum: The ten commandments

[it’s certainly not my intention to offend anyone here, be sure; if easily offended, don’t read on, my friend]

  1. I am Comodo, thy Firewall. Thou shalt have no other software Firewall solutions before or after me. That’d be not only redundant, but could offer ways for Satan etc. to get in.

  2. Thou shalt not take the name of Comodo thy Firewall in vain. Nothing’s ever perfect, but this is the nearest approach to “best” you’ll probably ever encounter.

  3. Thou shalt remember the bug fixing days, to keep it safe. If acting otherwise, don’t ever complain.

  4. Thou shalt honor thy Comodo CEO and thy Comodo staff. Yes, they deserve it. So be somewhat kind, at least.

  5. Thou shalt never kill, especially not your Firewall processes. Killing is always a bad thing to do. Life is precious, so try to keep all things alive, including all of your CIS processes.

  6. Thou shalt not use other companies’ Firewall software. And I mean it, really.

  7. Thou shalt not steal other’s personal data. If you have no own data to produce for your own homegrown interests, you’re quite lame. Rather change that immediately?

  8. Thou shalt not bear false witness against happy Comodo users. It’s obvious you’re only in envy anyway, cause you’re not one of them.

  9. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s Firewall. (It’s ■■■■ anyway.)

  10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s security software, nor his server, nor his mail system, nor his browser solution, nor anything that is thy neighbor’s. It’s all his, not yours. Get your own solutions.
    Nuff said.

C omodo
H elps
R educing
I nternet
S ecurity
T hreats.

S ee?

Take care and have fun.

Cheers, REBOL. :slight_smile: