Real Time Virus Scan performance and conflict with Mozy?


I have been using Comodo firewall for several months, recently upgraded to CIS with the Antivirus scanner.

I notice that booting up my computer seems to now take a very long time. Maybe that is the cost of the protection.

More importantly, though, I have also used Mozy Backup for several years to provide online backup of my data. It worked fine with the older version of Comodo Firewall. The backup itself works fine with the newer version, but whenever I try to re-configure or change my Mozy settings, I am unable to do so UNLESS I first disable the Real Time Virus Scanner.

Anyone else have this experience? Is this a bug? Is the workaround of just turning off virus scanning every time I need to re-configure the backup in any way a serious danger?

I have configured all mozy apps as “Trusted Applications” in both Defense+ and Firewall. But I suspect that has nothing to do with the AntiVirus scanner.

Any information much appreciated.

You can add the files to exclusions under
Anti-virus → Scanner Settings → Exclusions

This should make real-time scanner ignore that files.

Thanks for your idea… unfortunately it does not work. I put an exclusion on “C:\Program Files\Mozyhome*” in under the settings, but it doesn’t change the problem.

I do have more information though. When real-time virus scanning is enabled, Mozy will not actually fail, it will just take a very long time (15 minutes or longer) to start up. When it is disabled, it will take 5 seconds to start up. This happens regardless of the exclusions listed above.

I have been running, both under Vista (my current machine) and under XP (a past machine) the Mozy software with other virus scanner, including Avast and Norton. In neither case do I notice this performance degradation.

I will say that Mozy does, presumably, hook itself in to a fairly low level of file i/o in the operating system, since it keeps track of just parts of files that have changed in order to make online backups as fast and efficient as possible. So it doesn’t seem completely strange that there is an argument going on between Comodo and Mozy… I would just argue that Mozy got there first, and it seems to play well with other antivirus scanners, so I am starting to think Comodo should consider this a bug.

Do you agree? Should I file this as a bug report?

Thanks for your thoughts…